Can you imagine bringing your Cuties to Decentraland? If you haven't thought about it before, you better start imagining because Blockchain Cuties Universe (BCU) announced its collaboration with Decentraland. BCU will leverage Decentraland's recently added NFT Picture Frames' technology and enable to decorate Decentraland’s scenes with your favorite digital pets.

How Does This Work?

On June 7 Decentraland unveiled NFT Picture Frames, a technology that allows users to deploy their NFTs on Decentraland's scenes. You can access this new technology by connecting your wallet with Decentraland's Builder.

Cuties love adventures, and Decentraland is the ultimate adventure!

Once you do that, you can scroll through the "Item Drawer" and select the crypto collectibles you want to deploy. Once you've built the scene you like, click "Publish" and share your creations with the world.

Receive Help From Architect Cutie

The BCU team has a lot of respect for Decentraland. They called it “a gold mine for self-expression”,  a place where you can build virtually anything. To match the level of creativity that is present in Decentraland, the BCU team created special Decentraland-themed Cutie items.

These are the hat, uniform, and scroll of paper. The hat boosts your creativity and the uniform demonstrates your loyalty to Decentraland. The scroll of paper, on the other hand, is a perfect planning tool, one that will help you develop your scenes. Plus, you can use it to smack unwanted visitors in the head!

A Part Of A Major Movement

Cuties aren’t the only deployable NFTs in Decentraland. In fact, Decentraland has already announced its collaboration with the biggest players in the DGaming industry, including CryptoKitties, My Crypto Heroes, Axie Infinity, MLB Champions, Chibi Fighters, and HyperDragons.

So in essence, you'll be able to create your scenes with multiple NFTs from different games. When you publish your scenes, they'll be added to Decentraland's LAND Pool, a collection of scenes built with Decentraland's Builder.

How To Deploy Your Cuties

First, visit Decentraland's Builder webpage. Then, connect your wallet to the Builder. Once you do that, select the size of the scene and wait for Decentraland to load it up for you.

When the scene loads, an Item Catalog will appear on the right. If you want to deploy Cuties (or other mentioned collectibles), click on Collectibles in the Item Catalog. If you've successfully connected your wallet, all the eligible assets will appear. Select, build, decorate, deploy, publish, and show your collection to the world.

Unleash your creativity with Decentraland’s Builder

IF you want to play Blockchain Cuties, just visit our DGaming Store and start playing!