The next highly-anticipated phase of the Dao.Casino Sandbox project launched on Monday (November 5th). Participants can now develop games using the platform's developing tools. This phase is ongoing till December 21st, and the winners will be announced on December 24th.

What Is Dao.Casino?

Dao.Casino is a casino platform that provides game development tools for users worldwide. Unlike traditional gambling platforms, Dao.Casino emphasizes the use of blockchain technology in the gambling industry.

Their mission is to build a gambling industry that is fair, balanced and transparent. That's why they are developing a protocol that will help decentralize the gambling industry.

The industry they wish to create is autonomous and regulated by neutral technology (Ethereum blockchain), and not by human organization. By using smart contracts, they hope to solve many issues that are present in the traditional gambling industry (ownership, fairness, house edge, payments, and so forth).

What Is The Sandbox Project?

Dao.Casino launched the Sandbox project roughly 2 months ago. The first stage acted as an invitation to all developers, designers, and enthusiasts who wish to become pioneers in the DApp industry.

During the first stage, participants also learned how to use Dao.Casino protocol. They went through an educational program that included lessons and guides, helping participants learn how to develop DApps. Only 15 participants managed to go through the first phase.

What Is The Second Phase Of The Sandbox Project?

The participants will now work on the projects they've developed in the first phase. All games are designed on Dao.Casino protocol, and will later be available to the users worldwide. Using Dao.Casino Software Development Kit (SDK) and their native protocol, the participants will program, code, design and later deploy their games on the blockchain.

According to Dao.Casino, blockchain enthusiasts from all over the world applied for this project. Even some notable game-development studios joined this project to experiment and explore the potential of decentralized games.

Why Should You Care About This?

Projects such as this demonstrate that the change is coming. By using Dao.Casino protocol, anyone can develop casino games. More importantly, developers retain ownership of the games they create.

Developers also have more freedom and creativity to create games. They can upload them with ease, and when they see fit, submit for approval. If their game is approved, they will automatically receive revenues from it via smart contracts.

On the other hand, gamers will enjoy more a transparent and fairer gaming experience. And since the protocol itself is autonomous, transparent and unbiased, the games that are made with it will share its values.