Everyone is boarding the CryptoKitties hype train. Over the last year, names such as Ubisoft, Amazon, and ESPN already reserved their seat in the VIP wagon. Yesterday, the mentioned companies were joined by Venrock, Alphabet (Google Ventures) and Samsung Next.

A Hefty Investment

The Canadian company Dapper Labs (the team behind the CryptoKitties) have a lot to celebrate. The news of the $15 million worth investment hit the DGaming community like thunder, and without a doubt, put a big smile on the developers' faces.

Dapper Labs have no intention of putting the funds into a bank. Instead, they'll use it to promote their game and bring mainstream consumers to the DGaming industry.

What's The Ambition Behind This Investment?

Dapper Labs believes that blockchain technology will benefit everyone, not just gamers. The mentioned technology emphasizes actual digital ownership, transparency, security, and decentralization.

To achieve this mission the team seeks the help of the likes of Venrock, Samsung, and Alphabet (among others). The Dapper Labs sees gaming and entertainment as a doorway to a much broader, mainstream market.

The recent $15 million investment is undoubtedly a step in the right direction. The capital is essential, yes, but it’s more so, it’s about the companies’ names behind the venture. When big names such as Alphabet, Ubisoft, and ESPN invest, they also promote.

By promoting themselves, CryptoKitties is also sponsoring the underlying technology behind their game, the blockchain. They want to inspire the mass market and show them that blockchain technology transcends gaming.

Emphasizing Decentralization

Smart contracts, the critical feature of the blockchain, inspire security and transparency. The technology liberates both developers and consumers from the ever-present middleman, enabling peer-to-peer economics.

Take CryptoKitties as an example. The game launched roughly a year ago, and it already generated 3.2 million through-platform microtransactions. And with no mediator collecting the taxes, the money flows from users to developers (and vice versa).

DGamers, in particular, are fond of this idea. They genuinely own their digital assets and are free to do with them whatever they want. But the mainstream consumer culture is still unaware of these benefits. They are in the dark, and we (the DGaming community) should show them the alternative.

Why Should You Care About Decentralization?

The introduction of the Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT) created a pathway to true digital ownership. These tokens (ERC-721) allow artists, designers, developers, and gamers to develop unique assets.

It’s this uniqueness that is attracting users to join the DGaming movement. The users are free to develop their ecosystems and grow their businesses as they see fit. We therefore have to spread the word and help consumers recognize that the blockchain and the benefits that come with it go beyond gaming and cryptocurrencies!