Yesterday, Chainmonsters released their annual report that is jam-packed with valuable data, statistics, and numbers. The team published this report in order to make everything fully transparent, as well as to allow investors and people outside of the DGaming industry to learn more about crypto games and how they came to be.

A Brief Overview Of Chainmonsters

It's been a year since the first 3D blockchain game, Chainmonsters, launched on the Ethereum blockchain. The initial response of the community was both encouraging and insightful. In the report, Maximilian Weber, Creator of Chainmonsters said, "People were fascinated by the fact that they could interact with a game world, purchase monsters and see their ERC-721 tokens come to life."

MonsterDex allows gamers to view and examine all in-game monsters

Chainmonsters launched at a time where the crypto market experienced extreme volatility, which is why the sales varied drastically from quarter to quarter. But Chainmonsters managed to weather the storm, and the deciding factor was the fact that Chainmonsters was and still is an awesome 3D blockchain game. While the crypto market does influence the state of a crypto game, it is ultimately the quality of a game that determines its success.

Quarter-To-Quarter Performance In 2018

The first quarter of 2018 was Chainmonsters’ best quarter does far. Chainmonsters' advanced technology and interactive gameplay attracted a lot of attention and netted  $12,531 on a launch day! The month of January carried on the initial momentum and attracted  $29,001 in net revenue. In total, Chainmonsters accumulated $31,351 of total net revenue.

The second quarter was when the crypto market began to decline. It was also the quarter when Chainmonsters launched their "Aetherian" auction, thanks to which they managed to accumulate $5452.

Third and fourth quarters netted only $1,052 USD for Chainmonsters. This was heavily influenced by the fact that Chainmonsters development process came to a halt due to their involvement in the development of ConsenSys Tachyon accelerator.

The First Quarter Of 2019

In the first quarter of 2019, Chainmonsters released their long-awaited Multiplayer mode, which invigorated the Chainmonsters community and attracted a lot of attention on social media channels.

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Chainmonsters Beta MMO teaser

The biggest milestone was achieved when Chainmonsters rose to the top of the Ethereum leaderboard on At that time, Chainmonsters' "Aetherian" (#0 monster) got flipped from 5 ETH to 57.66 ETH. Chainmonsters also plan to launch a beta version of their game in March this year, which will undoubtedly attract more users from crypto and non-crypto gaming communities.

Plans For The Future

The beta launch will bring major changes to Chainmonsters. The game will be available in iOS and Android stores, as well as on Steam. This decision will lower the entry barrier for new players, especially for those who aren't familiar with crypto games.

The team is currently working on a new MMO world

The beta will also allow players to level up their monsters and increase their stats and abilities. This will not only add more depth to the game but will also make the market more dynamic because the progression of monsters will impact their market value.

To see the full list of changes that'll come with the beta launch, feel free to read the full report on the Chainmonsters' official blog.