Today, Gods Unchained (GU) announced their partnership with CryptoKitties. This collaboration between the 2 major players in the DGaming industry is a clear sign that blockchain video game developers are fully embracing one of the most exciting functionalities in blockchain gaming; interoperability.

Mixing Gods With Kitties

Over the next 2 weeks, GU players that have at least 1 CryptoKitty will be able to purchase a limited-edition, "Cat in the Pack" card pack. The pack will contain a talisman; a statue-like representation of their Kitty.  Players are free to create as many statues as they want. Assuming they have multiple Kitties; 1 kitty can bring about only 1 talisman.

You can see the talisman in the top left corner

Players will be able to see their talisman in-game, as seen in the image above. Additionally, players who purchase the Cat in the Pack will also receive a rare Genesis Pack. To return the favor, CryptoKitties has decided to create 3 GU-themed kitties, which players will be able to purchase over the next 2 weeks.

The 3 God-like Kitties

Many ancient civilizations worshiped cats as gods. And when you think about it, cats didn't lose that status till this day, for they can literally do nothing all day, and yet cat owners still feed them, bathe them and cuddle them (but only with their permission, of course). Therefore, it makes sense that kitties have risen to god-like status in the DGaming industry.

CryptoKitties will create 3 GU kitties:

Tally the Purrocious - players will be able to breed Tally the Purrocious (aka the Fancy Cat) by mixing the right traits. Those that are lucky enough, or skilled enough, to produce this cat will also be able to forge a custom-made Talisman statue out of this cat and display it in GU. You're on the clock though, for this kitty will only be available from January 10th to January 21st.

Aeoncat Kitty - players will be able to purchase this kitty between January 17th and January 28th. The total number of Aeoncat Kitties for sale is 380. Just look at that flashy hairstyle!

Hypurrion Kitty - last but not least we have the Hypurrion Kitty. The only way to obtain this kitty is by purchasing the Aeoncat Kitty. Purchasing Aeoncat Kitty will earn you a chance to win Hypurrion Kitty. So, if you feel lucky, go for it! This kitty was fashioned after the GU Hyperion card, which was sold for $62,000 at the time of the purchase.