Editor's note: The following is a guest post by Vladimir Tomko, CEO of Blockchain Cuties.

TRON is widely known as a decentralized blockchain-based protocol that operates with progressive NFT technology. An NFT is a non-fungible token, the development of which completely changed dApps’ development.

In a blockchain thesaurus you would find NFT grouped with singularity. These are cryptographic, interchangeable tokens considered as digital assets. NFTs are designed to work like other well-known tokens in terms of their functionality.

In DGaming, these tokens are used to represent rare, one-of-a-kind in-game assets. Thanks to them, players get to experience full ownership of the value they have produced. This value, aka collectibles, cannot be taken from them, and no one can dictate the terms of its usage.

It works according to the fundamental principle of blockchain technology which is to instantly transfer all kinds of assets without a third party. In other words, DGaming players are able to sell their collectibles in whichever way they want, for whatever price a buyer is willing to pay for it.

All collectibles share TRON's NFT status, which is equal to ERC-721 tokens on the Ethereum Blockchain. But better.

Don't judge blockchain by its big name, judge it by its TPS

TPS is the number of transactions processing on a blockchain per second. Transaction processing capacity defines gameplay options. The TRON blockchain has a processing capacity of 10 000 per second whereas Ethereum can only handle 15.

In addition to that, TRON requires no fee for its transactions, providing players with continuous game involvement. At times, the Ethereum blockchain can come up with some unreasonably high transaction fees which creates the phenomenon of passively active players.

This means that they are technically in the game but, before making any move related to selling, buying or exchanging their collectibles, players have to check the gas price or mining commission fee.

So, if the network load is high and gas prices are high as well, only rare players tend to live their DGaming life to the fullest. Justin Sun, the CEO of TRON, stated that TRON (TRX) is “80 times faster than Ethereum (ETH)” in terms of scalability.

The new TRON standard for crypto collectible games has a name: Blockchain Cuties

On the 29th of November, 2018, TRON issued a public statement regarding its commitment to Dgaming on the blockchain. The TRON Arcade is a part of this ambitious plan. The TRON Arcade has a $100M fund which will play a crucial role in encouraging talented developers to join in TRON's mission to create the best DGaming experience for players from all over the world.

The number of DGames which will appear on the TRON Arcade is limited. TRON will filter out games with lame graphics and games that lack good back story. However, the first crypto collectible game on the TRON Arcade is going to be released by the end of December 2018, and its name is Blockchain Cuties.

Among the reasons why Cuties was selected first is that Blockchain Cuties and TRON are on the same page in terms of the TRON’s mission. Like TRON, Cuties implements NTF technology, and offer non-fungible tokens in the form of the Cuties themselves.

Users can play with their Cuties (puppies, lizards, bear cubs, cats, hedgehogs, and other animals and fantasy creatures) by sending them on adventures, arming them, breeding them, and even selling them in the local marketplace or placing them on exchanges like OpenSea.

Can someone explain what TRX is? The Mythic Bear-o-Bull? All of these other creatures?

TRON's mainnet was launched in June 2018. Since then it uses TRX which is its proprietary cryptocurrency token. TRX supports NFT technology which means that TRON's non-fungible token, placed in the crypto collectible game, can be shaped as any creature imaginable.

TRON-exclusive Cuties are available during the presale

Here is the list of available TRON Cuties:

LilTronbeary & Tronbeary

These Cuties were created as exclusive Tron mascots. Both of these cute bears are very strong against the ruthless and tailored experience Raid Bosses. The Tron mascot is a unique bear creature which holds the key to opening new rare Tribute bears. Tributes are rare and really strong animals in the Cutie world. This limited edition cutie is only available during the presale. There were only 2 of these Tron mascots available, and they’ve already sold out!

Red Hedgehog

A unique hedgehog creature you'd never want to run into in single combat! Its paws are way bigger than any other hedgehog’s, thus its punch will throw your foe away from apparent victory. There were only 25 of these Red Hedgehogs available and they’ve sold out!


Hackerdog is a unique cutie that hacks its way through the world of cuties. As an IT inspired cutie it has to learn and adapt to new things, it levels up faster than any other cutie already in the game. This cutie uses its hacking skills to beat raid bosses - it comes with initial bonus of +6 against raid bosses! Hackerdog holds the key for opening rare Dog attribute that hasn't been cracked by other players for 6 months. This is a limited edition cutie available only on presale. Sold out!

Full Hazard Suite

World of Blockchain Cuties is a rather safe place for little cute cuties. Although there are plenty of dangerous adventures, that require the cutie to be well prepared. In order to defeat and be able to protect yourself, cuties have to be well equipped. This hazard suit serves as a fantastic tool against raid bosses, it is first of it's kind with such a high bonus against raids. Metal casted crowbar is going to be a useful tool in your endeavors as well as the cute little alien crab! This is a limited edition item set available only on presale. There are only 20 of these sets available. 6 left*.

Fairy Dragon

The developers swear that if you have a Fairy Dragon, and someone ever hurts you, your Fairy Dragon will confuse and bewilder your foes.This is a fantasy creature that can only be tamed by chosen TRX holders. These little Dragons have devoted hearts. There are only 50 of these Fairy Dragons available. Sold out!


A unique mythical creature! It's half bear and half bull. It's a talisman that brings good luck and turns bear markets into bull runs. The market changer. Vicious and strong, it's one of the strongest cuties in the Cutie world. Looks cute and at the same time can compete with other strong cuties like the 'Alien'. There are only 10 of these Bear-o-Bulls available. 9 left*.

Tron Monk

A humble monk of the TRON order and master of the Iron Torso. He's fast, strong and has impressive endurance. Monks are considered peaceful folk but, when there's danger, Tron Monks are capable of protecting those in need! There are only 75 of these Tron Monks available. 55 left*.

Starter pack

TRON starter pack

The TRON starter pack provides users with a nice head start in the game. With the purchase of a starter pack, players are guaranteed to get a GEN0 regular Cutie at the launch of the TRON blockchain. This package contains 6 unique, random cuties. Breed them and create your own strong army of Cuties! Conquer the world of Blockchain Cuties! Get them 25% cheaper during the presale! 7 have been bought already*.

*Correct at time of publishing. Numbers may have changed since.

Don't miss your chance to write your nickname in the annals of DGaming history and join other adventurous TRX holders.