In this article, we're going to talk about the unique partnership between Cent and MarbleCards. The partnership will give birth to a lot of things, including the scavenger hunt, which will award users with special rewards.

What Is MarbleCards?

MarbleCards is a project that enables users to create NFTs out of unique URLs. Here's how it works:

  1. You find a website and copy its URL
  2. You then go to MarbleCards' website and marble the URL, that is, create a Marble Card by imprinting the website's URL into a digital marble
  3. If the URL isn't taken, you'll be able to finish the creation
You can create Marble cards out of your favorite websites

Once you've minted your Marble card, you can buy it or earn a prize when someone else buys it. Each card is stored on the Ethereum blockchain, and cannot be duplicated or destroyed.

What Is Cent?

Cent is a platform that enables users to earn profit from developing, creating, and speculating. It's a new type of website, one that emphasizes sharing, engagement, and authenticity.

Everyone can earn an income on Cent

Digital artists, in particular, are pretty vibrant on Cent. They post original artwork and earn a profit. The same goes for speculators and developers, who can earn a profit by sharing their valued ideas, content, and opinions with the community.

A Partnership That Makes Sense

Both MarbleCards and Cent appreciate digital artists. So, they decided to team up and create a time-limited event that will be both exciting and attractive. The event will go like this:

  1. The team behind PXLPETS will develop a five-piece series of Zelda-themed artwork
  2. Each piece of art will have its own Cent URL, which the MarbleCards enthusiasts will have to find and make a Marble card of it
  3. Users that make a Marble card out of this art will earn 30% of the auctioned price
What cards will you create?

The Cent-inspired marbled cards will be offered via the public dutch auctions. These cards will be minted as MarbleCards' Edition cards, meaning that the marbler will earn 30%, and the artists the remaining 70% of the total profit. It's interesting to know that, of the total 28,000 Marble cards, only 18 are Edition Marble cards.

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