Decentraland's SDK 6.1 is officially out. The newest version of Decentraland's software development kit brought with it new features, more improvements, better graphics, custom UIs, and the long-requested jumping function!

Better Graphics, More Depth

First and foremost, know that this time, you don't need to meddle with your code. If your scenes were compatible with the 6.0 version, they'll work just fine with the 6.1 version.

Shadows add a lot of depth, don’t they?

Secondly, the 6.1 has a more powerful engine, which means that everything loads faster and runs smoother. Moreover, you can now see shadows of your objects when you place them on your scenes. The shadow effect won't tax the engine that hard but will add a lot of depth to your scenes.

Swapping Babylon for Unity

Better graphics and faster load-outs are possible thanks to Unity. Decentraland said, "Migrating all of the code in Decentraland’s engine from Babylon to Unity, keeping feature parity along the way, took a massive effort from our developers, and it’s kept them busy for the past several months. We think it paid off."

Decentraland made this decision for several reasons:

  • Unity is faster than Babylon, and also more scalable
  • Unity is capable of running AAA games
  • Unity will optimize navigation through Decentraland. Since each scene is a story of its own, they demand higher processing power, which Unity utilizes better than Babylon
  • You'll still be using Decentraland's Editor and Builder to develop your scenes
  • Your code stays the same; you don't have to change it a bit

Even More Improvements

The Decentraland team is always looking for new ways to optimize the platform. Effectively, the 6.1 version runs better with Google Chrome and even better with Firefox.

I can jump now!

Decentraland has also identified a long list of things they can (and will) improve. They'll continue to add improvements to the platform in order to ensure better optimization and smooth gaming experience.

Jumping & Custom UIs

Jumping has been one of the most heavily-requested features, and now it's here! Now, you can run around Decentraland, jump by pressing Spacebar and experience the scenes in a completely new way.

You are now also able to develop custom UIs. This will allow you to personalize your content even more and develop UI that's perfectly aligned with your game. If you’d like to see the full list of changes that came with SDK 6.1, read Decentraland’s official blog.

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