Cutieneers rejoice, the Blockchain Cuties Universe Lands presale is here! As of today, users can start buying lands of various size and value. The Lands presale also features three unique cuties that are fit for governing your lands.

Capitals, Factions, And Wars

The first thing you must do is to select a capital. The capitals exist within three factions, Ethereum, TRON, and EOS. So, if you're buying a capital on Ethereum, you'll represent the Ethereum faction. Note that there aren't any restrictions concerning this, i.e. you can purchase land on all blockchains and fight for all factions.

Capital land is the most valuable land asset in Cutieland

Cuties are loyal to you, not to factions. This means that you can recruit them in your armies regardless of the blockchain they originate from. Effectively, you're free to use TRON and EOS cuties to defend your Ethereum faction, Ethereum and EOS to defend TRON, and so forth.

And What About The Land?

For now, you can purchase 4 types of land in the BCU lands presale. Capital lands are the most prestigious in the game. Firstly, these lands are settled on the mainland, which means that you'll be able to expand rapidly once the BCU team launches the Wars of Cutieland update. Secondly, having real estate in capital cities gives you political power and allows you to shape the future of your faction. If you have enough supporters, you can be the King!

An active player can turn a small island into an important piece of land in Cutieland

And then there are big and medium islands! These islands are suitable for building capitals and are also tax havens. The islands have research bonuses, plenty of resources and significant tax cuts. Lastly, we have the small islands, which aren't the most prestigious ones in the game, but they do give you access to Cutieland. Plus, an active Cutieneer can quickly turn a small island into an important and valuable piece of land in Cutieland.

You'll Need Heroes

BCU also created new cuties that are perfectly fit for running your empire. These are Space Commander, Nigerian Prince, and Jungle Commando. Keep in mind that these are exclusive and powerful assets minted specifically for the Lands update.

Meet Space Commander

If you'd like to read more about the Lands update, go through the BCU Lands FAQ section. The file was written by the BCU team and will answer all of your questions regarding Lands purchase, heroes, factions, and more.