Recently, we gave you an introduction to Kingdoms Beyond, a new blockchain RPG game. Today we're going to expand upon that article and talk more about Kingdoms Beyond gameplay features, including heroes, hero abilities, items, and battles.

About Heroes

There are 3 types of heroes in Kingdoms Beyond: warriors, mages and archers. Each class carries different stats, abilities, and weapons, following the classification logic of the RPG genre. For example, warriors carry swords and have high HP and good defense, but very short range. In contrast, mages carry wands, have high DPS but poor defense and physical attributes.

There are 3 main classes in Kingdoms Beyond

Each class also has what is known as the class variant. In the example of the warrior class, a warrior can be a duelist, paladin or death knight; duelists are technical and agile, paladins excel at defense and healing, while death knights deal massive damage to their opponents. Lastly, each Kingdoms Beyond hero has unique genes which determine its appearances, including skin color, hair color, and hairstyle.

On Items

As you probably already know, each Kingdoms Beyond in-game item is an ERC-1155 token and can be tokenized and sold on the market. Items, like heroes, are backed by either ETH or DAI.

The game features 2 types of items; weapons and trinkets. Weapons aid heroes on their journey to glory and boost their offensive capabilities. Warriors carry swords, mages wands, and archers wield bows. Trinkets, on the other hand, boost heroes' defensive capabilities and also grant them special combat effects.

Understanding Rarity and Abilities

Each asset in Kingdoms Beyond belongs to one of the following rarity class: common, silver, rare, epic, legendary and genesis. The farther you go up the rarity ladder, the scarcer and more powerful the asset becomes.

Rarest heroes have unique effects

The most valuable assets in the game are legendary and genesis heroes, which aren't only unique in their appearance but also have special effects when casting abilities!

Speaking of, each Kingdoms Beyond hero has 3 sets of abilities: passive, skill shot and targeted. Each ability costs enerji (mana), and you must carefully manage it in order to beat your opponents.

On Battles

Kingdoms Beyond features turned-based matches and requires you to plan ahead and strategically utilize your heroes and their powers.

You can take up to 3 heroes in battle, preferably of a different class. For instance, if you take two high DPS mages to a battle, it's probably a good idea to bring a tank along with them, one that will shield them from the attacks of your opponents.

Careful arrangement and movement on the board could be just as vital as is ability usage. By moving your pieces on the gridded board, you can dodge enemies' attacks and keep your heroes alive for a longer period of time.

Kingdoms Beyond world is challenging, albeit rewarding

If you’d like to find more info about Kingdoms Beyond battles, abilities and other features, visit their official blog. Also, be sure to check out or DGaming store to find ready-to-play games similar to Kingdoms Beyond!