The Crypto Sword & Magic team has unveiled more information about the game's items. We'll go through this data and help you understand how Crypto Sword & Magic items will work, what will you be able to do with them and in what ways will you be able to obtain them.

About the Presale

The Crypto Sword & Magic presale should start in mid-May, and through it, you'll be able to purchase item chests. You'll also be able to obtain chests in-game once it’s released.

Rarer chests have a higher chance of dropping rare items

The presale will offer 5 chest types, including wood, iron, silver, gold, and platinum, with platinum being the rarest one and only obtainable via the presale. Furthermore, the items you get from the presale will have special effects and will thus be distinguishable from the regular items.

Lastly, all items, whether you purchase them via the presale or obtain in-game, are recorded on the EOS blockchain according to the NFT standard.

On Item Types

Crypto Sword & Magic will feature 3 types of items; weapons, armor, and accessories.

There are one-handed as well as two-handed weapons, and also auxiliary forms. Weapons have physical or magical attack powers, and you can use them depending on the hero you play with. For instance, only archers can carry bows, and only sorcerers can carry staffs.

Armor, like weapons, comes in many forms; boots, helmets, shields, and upper and lower body wearables. You can also use items depending on your hero class, as well as on the type of weapon you're using. For example, only warriors that wield one-handed weapons can carry shields.

Many weapons, much DMG!

Accessories, which includes rings, necklaces, and earrings can be worn by all classes. They compliment your main gear (weapons and armor) and can enhance your hero's power if combined strategically.

Item Rarity and Powers

There are 5 rarity categories in Crypto Sword & Magic: normal, magic, rare, epic and legendary. The rarer the weapon is, the stronger its power level is. Keep in mind that items can be of the same rarity category, but still have different stats and powers.

You’ll be able to upgrade each item up to level 50 with additional equipment and stones. As your item gains levels, it becomes stronger and gets access to new powers.

You can sell the items you don’t need and make a profit

If you'd like to know more about item leveling, auctioning, or about items in general, be sure to check the Crypto Sword & Magic official blog. And as always, head on over to our DGaming store to find many other DGames that you can play right now!