Soccer Manager Elite finally released its gameplay plan. By reading this article, you'll learn how the SME league will work, the roles managers, shareholders, and agents play, and how all the players can monetize their actions. Sounds cool? Read below!

Let's Talk About The Roles

In SME, we'll have managers, shareholders, and agents.

Managers will manage players and the club just like in other football simulation game. They'll tend the club, and ensure that the club and its parts are happy and productive. If you do well as a manager, you'll earn your wage. If you do really well, you’ll earn bonuses. But if you fail, you just might get sacked!

Want to be an elite manager? Join!

If you get employed or sacked as a manager, know that this decision will come from the shareholders. Shareholders are the owners of the club. As such, they'll vote on important club's decisions and strategies. For example, they'll change managers, determine wages for the managers, block or approve player purchases, and so on. In return, the shareholders will receive dividends from the club's profits.

And then there are the agents, who will manage individual players. They'll make sure that the players are happy, and for that, they'll receive a portion of that player's wage. The SME is still unsure whether the agents will be able to determine the player’s wages.

In short; shareholders will manage managers, managers will manage the club, and agents will manage the players.

How To Join The Show?

Each club will have 10,000 shares. The price of each share will be determined depending on the club's initial value. In turn, the value of each club will be determined based on the players' value, wage budget, stadium size, division and league, and so on.

Become a shareholder of your favorite football club

Anyone that owns share is a shareholder. If someone owns 50.01%, he/she is the owner of the club, and can pretty much make all the important decisions on his/her own. Having more shares can help you acquire a better role, but that won't be enough by itself.

For example, if you own 2% of the shares, and your friend owns 1%, he can still be employed as a manager even if you own more shares. Why? Because the other shareholders said so. It's the blockchain, so it's a democracy.

About The Economy

SME will have Soccer Manager Coins (SMC). These coins will be backed by CHI, XAYA's native currency. Effectively, you'll be able to play the game, exchange your SMCs for CHIs and make a profit.

The in-game economy will be very thorough and complex, which is good news for all diehard football simulation game players. The club will spend money on wages, and earn from ticket sales and league performances. Naturally, selling and buying players will also directly impact the club's finances.

Play it smart and earn a profit

There's more to be said about SME's roles, economy, and gameplay. To learn more about all these things, visit the game's official forum.

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