Today we're going to talk about Kingdoms Beyond, a new blockchain role-playing turn-based strategy game where players will own and manage heroes, explore the in-game world, gather loot and engage in PvE and PvP battles. The game will run on the Ethereum blockchain and feature assets backed by ETH and Dai.

Kingdoms Beyond Gameplay

Kingdoms Beyond will boast elements of exploration, resources gathering, battling, leveling and looting. The action will take place in an explorable open world in which players will be able to gather resources, craft items for their heroes, fight monsters, and much more.

Kingdoms Beyond will feature turn-based battles

Players will also be able to own land, construct buildings and customize the buildings with various decorations. These buildings will also produce resources, which the players will use for crafting and building. Some resources will be rarer than others, and will only be obtainable from in-game events and raid bosses.

It's All About Your Heroes

Heroes will be an integral part of Kingdoms Beyond. Players will be able to obtain heroes via the following methods:

  • In-game - the simplest way to get your hands on Kingdoms Beyond heroes is by playing the game once it's released. This includes defeating enemies, completing quests and participating in specific in-game events)
  • Presale - Kingdoms Beyond will soon launch a presale, during which you'll be able to purchase exclusive heroes. Note that the heroes offered via the presale will be unique in many ways and obtainable only via the presale
  • Giveaways - the Kingdoms Beyond team will host hero and item giveaways via their Discord channel

Like in many other blockchain games, some heroes will be rarer than others. Though we still don't know the specifics of the rarity system, we can say for sure that rarer heroes will be more powerful and much more difficult to obtain.

You can acquire heroes in various ways

About Kingdoms Beyond Battles

In Kingdoms Beyond, you'll be able to engage in PvE and PvP battles. When it comes to PvE, you'll be able to fight monsters and raid bosses to earn EXP and items. As for the PvP, well, you'll be able to challenge other players and fight them in 1v1 matchups.

As you progress through the game, you'll encounter stronger monsters. To beat them, you'll have to use different strategies and leverage your heroes' abilities and powers. Beating stronger monsters will net you more EXP, which you can use to power up your band of heroes.

Beyond Kingdoms will feature an open world

To keep up to date with Kingdoms Beyond’s progress, join their official Discord channel to stay up to date with the game's progression, as well as to participate in soon to be hosted giveaways.

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