DevTooth Studio has announced that they're officially launching the Early Access Version of Unlimited Tower. The news came after months of preparation and testing, which provided the studio with enough feedback to make this action-packed game ready to play.

Reaching the Critical Milestone

Over the past couple of months, Unlimited Tower went through numerous tests, changes and optimizations. The Alpha testing phase took place on the Junglenet, where the devs and selected players engaged with the game and provided their feedback.

The Unlimited Tower Grand Opening has arrived!

The game also underwent optimizations on the local EOS mainnet, with an emphasis on server stability and multiplayer functionality. And now that the testing phase is over, users with EOS accounts and Scatter wallets are free to join the game. The Unlimited Tower team said that this decision was fueled by their desire to "make the game available to as many users as fast as possible."

About the Early Access Version

In the Early Access phase, Unlimited Tower players will be able to acquire loot, EXP and crypto by playing Field Stages and participating in PvP arenas. For the time being, users aren't able to try the NFT Bay and the Tower System (these features will come with the next update).

The game currently counts over 200 NFT collectibles. Users can combine these collectibles while forming their team of 10, which may consist of servants and monsters. By progressing through numerous Fields and Tower Map, users can acquire loot and EXP to boost their teams in order to get an edge over their opponents.

Challenges and Rewards

Players get rewarded in UTG and EOS for completing certain challenges. Field Stage consists of Adventure stage, Altar of Infinity and PvP arena, and rewards users with UTG, Unlimited Tower's native currency.

Players then proceed to conquer the Unlimited Tower. The Unlimited Tower challenge is the most challenging one because it brings the best players to one place and faces them against each other in an infinite PvP environment. This mode is also the most rewarding one since it allows the best players to win EOS.

Battle versus players and monsters to earn loot, EXP and crypto

The team also plans to initiate the Early Access Launch Event, during which they'll give out rewards to Early Access players. Specifically, each event participant will receive additional 1,000 UTG, 1 Warrior-Servant, and 1 Monster.

To stay up to date with Unlimited Tower's progress, keep an eye out on the game’s official blog. Also, you can visit the Unlimited Tower website to join the Early Access phase and learn more about the game.

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