Altitude Games has published the results of the Battle Racers closed multiplayer beta. The beta testing lasted for 48 hours, during which the players stress tested the servers and provided Altitude Games with valuable feedback.

The Setup

The testing took place on a web URL that was available to beta testers with MetaMask only. The testing began at 10 AM on May 8 and lasted until 10 AM, May 10 (GMT 10+). The URL led players directly to the Battle Racers arena, where they were able to select cars, boost them with gear and weaponry, and race with other players.

The Battle Racers arena on Decentraland

Was the Goal Achieved?

The main goal of this event was to stress-test the servers. While racing, some players reported issues like lag spikes and stutters, and some even couldn't get into the game. Thankfully, the Battle Racers team were quick to resolve these issues by providing their full support to the players in the first hours of the beta testing.

Players interacted with the game through Battle Racers' temporary avatars on Decentraland. They were able to sample vehicles and preselect them through Garage kiosks. As they were waiting for their turn to race, players were chatting, strategizing, and spectating others race in real time. All in all, it's fair to say that Battle Racers achieved its main goal; servers endured and improved, and bugs and glitches were fixed!

And What About the Races?

Races were insanely competitive. Players weren't only trying to beat each other, but also themselves! They were experimenting with different vehicles and modules in an attempt to beat their own scores. And when the servers were quiet, diehard fans were racing against the AI when no one else was around.

Players interacted with the game through robotic avatars

The closed beta didn't have a built-in leaderboard, which proved to be the most wanted feature. Effectively, Altitude Game took notes and promised to add the leaderboard system in the upcoming updates. If we would have to sum up the Battle Racers races in two words, those words would be addictive and competitive!

The Metagame Emerged

Beta testers were quickly able to figure out which vehicles and weapons were the best in the game. In fact, the Guerilla Bravo car and Boost B weapon were portrayed as overpowered, some would even say unbeatable. The team took note of this too and promised to patch things up before the official launch.

Weapon selection proved to be really important for the players, which is why the team will continue to improve the weaponry system for it to stay impactful, balanced and strategic. All things considered, the Battle Racers closed beta multiplayer test was a success.

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