Axie Infinity has published an updated gameplay roadmap for the rest of 2019 and the first half of 2020. If you're an Axie fan, read below to see when will you be able to enjoy Live Battles, Land Gameplay and the Lunacia SDK!

On Live Battles

The Alpha version of the Axie Infinity Live Battles will be playable this month! Live battles are going to be much more strategic and sophisticated than the current idle battle system. Moreover, the upcoming live battles will also be an integral part of the Axie Infinity Land Gameplay system, which is why the Axie devs are investing a lot of their energy into its development.

Live battles are made with Unity and will be available for mobile and web users!

The Beta version of the Axie Infinity Live Battles should arrive in June 2019, with a slightly improved UI and UX. Understandably, the devs will also respond to the community's feedback and try to implement the community-requested changes accordingly.

The full release of the Axie Infinity Live Battles is scheduled for July or August 2019. The devs said that the fully released Live Battles will also feature a new ladder system and more competitive gameplay. Also, these battles will be optimized for mobile users, enabling Axie fans to play their favorite game on the go!

On Tradables

One of the most crucial aspects of virtually any blockchain game is the players' ability to freely price and trade their in-game assets. Following on from that, the Axie team plans to unlock trading of Land and items in May 2019.

Understandably, this should not only elevate the gaming experience for existing players but should also attract new gamers and collectors to the Axie Infinity community.

On Land Gameplay

The Land Gameplay is arguably the most exciting upcoming Axie Infinity game mode because it will tie all the things we've mentioned above (trading, live battling, collecting, etc). According to the updated roadmap, Land Gameplay should hit Alpha in July 2019. During the Alpha, players will be able to test the PvE mode by attacking resource nodes protected by vicious Chimeras!

Players will also be able to deploy eligible items on their Land. Note that the rewards from the Alpha Land Gameplay will not be transferred over to the mainnet since the Alpha Land Gameplay will be leveraged mainly for the testing purposes.

Land Gameplay is going to be crazy good!

However, in August or September, Land gameplay should hit the Beta. In the Beta, players will have to keep their Axies alive, defend Lunacia from an invading horde of Chimeras and rebuild their kingdoms. Moreover, during the Beta, the devs will also start adding permanent rewards to Lunacia and allow players to keep those rewards. Also, the effects of Land items, which won't have any effect in Alpha, will start having an effect in the Beta phase.

A full release of the Land Gameplay is scheduled for Q1 2020. Fully released Land Gameplay will add the following features to the game: real-time PvE, resource & token harvesting, dungeons, and truly valuable structures.

On TheLunacia SDK

The Alpha version of Lunacia SDK is expected to arrive in November or September 2019. Generally, Lunacia SDK will enable Axie Infinity community to build, design and deploy custom content on top of Lunacia in order to enhance a gaming experience for the entire community.

Axie players will be able to enrich the Lunacia gamified experience by leveraging the Lunacia SDK

The Beta version of Lunacia SDK should arrive in Q2 2020. The Lunacia SDK Beta will boast a lot more functionality compared to the Alpha, including seamless smart-contract creation and NFT issuance, community voting on important issues, and sponsored experience from thoughtfully vetted projects.