Is a gaming multiverse just wishful thinking? If not, how can developers create it? More importantly, how will such creation impact the future of the DGaming industry?

Gaming + Blockchain = Gaming Multiverse

Just 4 days ago, we published an article on Goard, the first multiverse hero. In it, we describe how Goard, a War of Crypto hero, will be able to act in both the War of Crypto and PokeFind Minecraft universe. Pretty wild, don't you think?

Goard's stats, progress, and experience carry on from one game to another. But how is that possible? And how will that even work? Well, this new gaming multiverse idea is possible because both games run on the blockchain technology.

How Does A Gaming Multiverse Work?

In its core, a gaming multiverse is a combination of at least two games. To merge two games, one must ensure that they both use the same technology, which in this case is the blockchain.

Thanks to the blockchain, DGames don't require a central server to process game data. Instead, the game's mechanics, algorithms and other data go on the blockchain. The blockchain, in turn, runs smart contracts and controls these mechanisms and algorithms; it runs the code.

Because the blockchain distributes data processing and refuses the usage of central servers, this allows developers to create their public blockchain ecosystems, which run the game's underlying code (backend functions). And because the system is public, the players control the game (not the company that created it).

Players also own their assets in the true sense of the word. But what a player sees on his screen is the frontend part of the game. What a spear is in one game can easily be a pistol in another game. We shouldn't forget that what we see on the screen are just pixels and that what really matters is the code and the algorithms behind those pixels.

So if the two games use the same technology and platform for developing their underlying code, they can form a gaming multiverse. This, for instance, is possible with blockchain games because they are decentralized; they use the same technology.

Why Is This Phenomenon Important?

All decentralized digital items have real value and are backed by either ERC-1155 or ERC-721 tokens. Because the games are decentralized, players have total control over their assets. They can therefore buy, sell and trade their assets however they want.

In the gaming multiverse, players will have even more freedom. If the multiverse consists of 3 games, this means that the players will have access to 3 open and transparent markets. Furthermore, they'll interact with the massive player base and will have more room to progress with their in-game assets.

Most importantly, smart contracts will prevent players from cheating and hacking and will ensure that players from all universes abide by the same standards and rules.