The end of Q1 2019 has arrived, and with it came the Gods Unchained (GU) end of the quarter update. To see what the GU team has been working on over the past couple of months, read below.

Open Beta Arrival

Gods Unchained plan to release the Open Beta version of their game in 10 weeks. Open Beta will bring the following benefits:

  • All users will be able to visit the Gods Unchained website, purchase packs and play the game
  • The GU team will initialize the "balancing period" when the game enters Open Beta to ensure a fair and balanced gameplay
  • All players that purchased a pack before today will be able to play the game on June 10th, regardless of whether or not the game has officially entered the Open Beta
The GU world is evolving, rapidly

Releasing An Improved Update

The launch of the Open Beta depends heavily on GU's new roadmap. Specifically, in Q2, the team will focus a lot on keeping their community informed about the game's updates and features.

To do so, GU has set up an open-for-public, Trello-based roadmap, allowing community members to vote on specific steps and tasks in order to push their own agenda. This will not only allow the community to be more involved with the project but will also enable them to choose which tasks the devs should pursue and which features they should add to the game based on their priorities.

A Couple Of Steps Forward

Gods Unchained has already made and deployed some changes and updates to their game. For example, the on-site inventory, which allows players to browse and manage their cards, should now load much faster than it did before.

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Furthermore, the team has invited extra 200 players to participate in the closed beta. In fact, they'll invite 200 players each week! Players will be invited to Closed Beta based on the following criteria:

  • Number of cards they own - players who have more cards are more likely to be invited
  • Community involvement - players who are more involved with the community are also more likely to be invited
  • Linking your account to the GU Discord channel also increases your chances
  • You must have an Apollo account in order to be invited

On Chimeras & Upcoming Events

Players who qualified for the Golden/Blessed Chimera have received a confirmation email that allows them to claim the card. The GU team has also confirmed they’ll make Blessed Chimera a standard, tradable NFT, meaning that the players will be able to trade the card once the mentioned, 3-month "balancing period" ends.

Lastly, the GU team announced they'd participate in EDCON, Consensus, DGA Summit, and E3. Players are more than welcome to join these events, meet the makers of their favorite game, and see the game's future plans.