Picture a decentralized multiverse, where digital assets transcend their original games. Well, War of Crypto developers did more than imagine; they've developed the first multiverse digital asset by the name of Goard!

What Is Goard?

Goard is a digital hero created by the War of Crypto, a Player Vs Player (PvP) Multiplayer game. Traditionally, when a game creates an in-game asset, that asset acts within that specific game. For instance, if Fortnite creates its version of the M4 rifle, that rifle can only be used in Fortnite (and not in other Battle Royale games).

But Goard is different. Thanks to the Enjin's blockchain technology, Goard will be able to act in multiple games. For now, Goard is a War of Crypto hero, but it will become a Pokemon on November 10th.

When And Where Will Goard Act?

Goard will be available for purchase on November 10th. To play with Goard, players will need to do the following steps:

  1. Obtain their Goard (obviously)!
  2. Download Minecraft. Players need vanilla version only; no mods are required!
  3. Join the PokeFind server

The PokeFind server is quite populated, having roughly 1.5 million users. On this server, players can enjoy a custom-made version of the Pokemon game set within a Minecraft universe. Those that have Goard will spice things up by introducing a War of Crypto hero into this Pokemon-Minecraft mixture!

How Will This Work?

When players successfully join the server, they'll have to select Goard. Though Goard is a War of Crypto hero, players will be able to use it on PokeFind because he is a multiverse hero.

When used on PokeFind, Goard acts as a Pokemon, with all Pokemon-like in-game stats. Pretty wild, right? Goard owners should use it as if it is a regular Pokemon: battle other Pokemons, train, heal, buff, and so forth.

If you are lucky enough to obtain Goard, send your account data to the War of Crypto developers (info@warofcrypto.io). You should send them the following things: your Minecraft username, as well as your War of Crypto username and email address.

What Are Goard's Strengths?

Goard is a tank! According to the War of Crypto lore, he was made on the dark side of Deskarus mountain, with a purpose to serve his master Iratus. Goard was also infused with potent crypto energy, which holds his stone mountain limbs together.

He can tank a lot of damage, and can therefore be used against enemies that have a strong attack but weak defense. It is worth noting that only 300 Goards will be available for purchase and that each Goard will have an underlying value of 190 ENJ.