The Roman Conquest for Caesar's Triumph is arriving in August. The team gave us a sneak peek into the update and shared more info on its first playable region, Hispania. Read below to find more information about your future conquests.

The Hispania Region

Ancient Rome had many regions and Hispania was certainly one of the most important ones. After conquering Hispania, Romans used the Iberian Peninsula (Spain and Portugal) as a strategic point for their further expansions. From there they launched attacks on Carthaginians, Gallaecians, Celts, and many others.

Objective #1: Conquer Caraginesis!

It's due to this historical importance that the Caesar's Triumph team will first add Hispania to the Roman Conquest update. Hispania will be divided into 5 regions: Baetica, Lusitania, Galleria, Terraconesis, and Cartagines. Your job will be to first conquer Cartagines, which will have 50 battle points up for grabs!

Better Graphics And Battle System

The Hispania map will be much more visually appealing than the current map of Sicily. Furthermore, the rules of combat have changed.

In Roman Conquest, players of all ranks will share the same map. Also, the combat will feature no timer and you'll be able to battle and accumulate resources 24/7, 7 days a week.

The UI will be more intuitive, helping you figure out what choices and actions you can make. And, if you manage to conquer and important objective, you'll have enough piece time to fortify your defenses and prepare for the invading forces.

Troops, Losses, And Future Regions

To add an extra level of strategy to the game, the team has decided to put a troop limit. Specifically, you'll be able to have no more than 10,000 troops in the Cartagines region. Furthermore, both the attacker and the defender will lose troops regardless of the battle outcome. Essentially, you can win the battle but endure great loses, making your victory seem more like a loss (King Pyrrhus can tell you more about that).

Concept art for all future regions

Keep in mind that the 10,000 troop limit counts only for the Cartagines region, meaning that all other regions will have smaller or larger limits. You'll also find some of the existing Sicily battle features in the Roman Conquest, including troop deployment, scouting, walls, centurions, and horse charges.

Don't forget that only the Land Owners will be able to play the Roman Conquest update! So, if you'd like to play this long-awaited update, be sure to buy yourself a piece of land. To do so, go straight to our DGaming Store!