Today, Endless Game has announced that their platform has officially launched on the IOST mainnet. This is a major step for Endless game, for they're now part of a greater blockchain ecosystem that seeks to bring blockchain technology to users worldwide.

Migrating To IOST Blockchain

Because the IOST blockchain is still in very early stages, Endless Game will take their migration process with caution. Specifically, the IOST mainnet, Olympus v1.0, launched just yesterday and is still missing the infrastructure of other well-established blockchains.

Endless Game is one of the first DApps to run on IOST

Effectively, the Endless Game team will first ensure that all the precautions are taken prior to migrating their content to the IOST blockchain network. The team said that they'd first migrate Endless Dice to the IOST network, which will be followed by other Endless games. The Dice game should be playable on the IOST network around mid-March.

Issuing a New Token System

Following their migration to the IOST network, Endless Game will also replace their Endless Token (ET) with iET, which is the IOST version of the ET. The team also said that releasing, distribution, dividend earnings and other details regarding the iETs will be published in March.

Endless Game will ensure that ET token-holders receive rewards for supporting their project. Specifically, all ET holders will not only receive a pertaining amount of iETs but will also earn a share of revenue from the IOST blockchain.

On Project Hive & IOST Profit Sharing

Project Hive is an IOST-run project that aims to help developers and users interact with the IOST blockchain network. Since Endless Game is one of the first DApps to develop games on IOST, they will also actively participate in the project and help IOST reduce the entry barrier for current and future IOST users and DApp developers.

An overview of the IOST ecosystem

Furthermore, since Endless Game is IOST's official partner and block producer, they'll earn yearly block producer and contribution awards. These are the reward numbers:

  • block producer - 1% of the total IOST yearly supply
  • contribution rewards - 2% of the total IOST yearly supply
  • vote share rewards - 1% of the total IOST yearly supply

The team said that since the reward system is dynamic and ever changing, they'd be able to immediately distribute earnings to their community. Currently, the team is thinking about releasing quarterly IOST rewards earnings reports to inform the community on their share.

Lastly, Endless Team is reminding their community that the Poseidon’s Challenges voluntary test should launch next week. Those who participate in the testing process will yet unrevealed benefits.