Just a few weeks ago, Decentraland unveiled Decentraland Avatars and Passports. In this article, we're bringing your more detailed information about these upcoming features, features that will transform Decentraland and allow its users to explore the virtual world in an entirely new way.

Creating & Managing Avatars

Users will be able to create as many avatars as they want for free. This will be done through the Avatar Creator, which will also allow users to customize their avatars with wearables and accessories.

Users will have a vast array of wearables to choose from and all will be free of charge! However, Decentraland also plans to implement NFT wearables that users will be able to buy, sell and trade.

Avatar & Passport Interaction

The sooner you create an avatar and passport, the greater your chances will be of getting access to Decentraland Avatar early release. Decentraland didn't disclose any further information about this release and has advised its community to keep an eye on Decentraland's blog for future updates.

It's also important to know the roles of Avatars and Passports. Specifically, Avatars will act as your 3D digital representations and will represent you in the Decentraland virtual world. Passports, on the other hand, will act similarly to your real-world passport.

With a Passport, you'll be able to verify your identity when interacting with various Decentraland content. For example, your Passport will give you quick and easy access to the Builder and Marketplace.

On Recovery and Customization

It's important to know that you'll be able to customize your avatar even after you've created your Passport. This will be done through Decentraland's Avatar Creator, which will allow you to experiment and customize your Avatar as much as you want.

Your Passport will have a unique code which will act independently of your crypto wallet. This means that you'll be able to recover your Passport and connect it to a new wallet in case you lose it. However, Avatar wearables will be tied to your wallet, not to your Passport, which means that you won't be able to recover your wearables from your wallet in case you lose it.

Passport is your keycard to Decentraland’s tools and content

Also, Decentraland scene developers won't have to do anything in order to make their scenes suitable for Avatars. Decentraland said, "All scenes in Decentraland will automatically support avatars since they’re a core part of the Decentraland platform."

Lastly, Decentraland said that users won't be able to upload custom 3D models for their avatars due to the restrictions of wearable item construction. However, the team said that they're looking into it, seeing that most community members would want to see this feature added to their favorite decentralized platform.

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