In this article, we're going to talk more about the new experience system in CryptoWars. We'll explain what’s the easiest way to earn EXP, what rewards you'll receive for your efforts, and what benefits does the new experience system bring. If you aren't at all familiar with the new system, read about it here.

The Best Way To Earn EXP

CryptoWars rewards active players. For the CryptoWars team, an active player is one that reached City Center lvl 4 during CryptoWars tournaments. Furthermore, the top 20 players (of those who are considered to be active players) will receive EXP awards based on their standings. The amount of EXP players get also depends on the size of tournaments.

For example, the #1 player will receive 18,000 EXP on big tournaments, 9,000 on medium and 2,500 on small. You can look at the image below to see how the EXP is distributed based on the tournament's size and player's ranking.

This image demonstrates how the EXP is distributed based on the player’s ranking and tournament’s size

Validate And Refer To Earn EXP

If you verify your email address for CryptoWars, CryptoWars will award you with 500 EXP. Doing this ensures that your data is safe and protected, from everyone and everything. Plus, you get a nice EXP boost for completing such a simple action.

Another excellent way of earning EXP is when you’re referring other users to CryptoWars. Note that the users you refer must also confirm their accounts, and must compete in 2 tournaments through which they'll enhance the City Center to lvl 4. Only when these conditions are met will you receive 200 EXP per referred user.

On Levels & Tiers

Levels help you keep track of your in-game EXP progression. Each level costs you 500 EXP. Naturally, the more levels you earn, the higher you go up the tier system. Note that the trip to the highest tier gets increasingly more difficult as you're progressing through the tier system. To see more details about levels and tier categorization, read CryptoWarspedia.

Play CryptoWars and earn crypto

Don't forget that tiers determine the value of your prizes. Climbing up the tier system earns you badges, access to exclusive tournaments, and multipliers for tournament prizes. The multipliers are applied as followed:

  • Bronze tier 5%
  • Silver 10%
  • Gold 15%
  • Platinum 20%
  • Legend 25%

In conclusion, the new EXP system brings many benefits to loyal, active CryptoWars players. To become one, head on over to our DGaming Store and start playing!