Since items will play a critical role in Crypto Sword & Magic, it's vital that you understand them fully. This article can help you with that, so be sure to read it with your full attention!

Understanding Basic Attributes

Crypto Sword & Magic heroes will have 5 core attributes: Hit Points (HP), Strength, Intellect, Dexterity, Intellect, and Luck. Each attribute will carry specific benefits, all of which will help you defeat rogues and other enemies in the game.

Equip your heroes with items and boost their stats!

Understandably, different hero classes will feature strengthened abilities depending on their hero class. So for instance, mages will have more int, archers dexterity, warriors strength, and so forth.

Boosting Combat Attributes And Elemental Skills

Crypto Sword & Magic items will boost Combat abilities, such as Avoidance, Critical Damage, Physical Defense or Magic Attacks. It's needless to say that higher quality items will enable to you defeat your foes with greater ease. So for instance, if you're building a tank hero, obtaining items that enhance physical defense or avoidance will be of great help to you.

Furthermore, you'll also need to pay close attention to Crypto Sword & Magic Elements. By leveraging Elements (Fire, Water, Air, and Earth), you'll be able to defeat the monsters that stand on your path. It's important to know that Elements can be used to increase defense and attack. For example, if you're fighting against mobs that cast fire spells, it would be wise to equip your hero with items that give you greater fire resistance and water damage.

Status Effects and Special Skills

Crypto Sword & Magic will also feature Buffs and Debuffs. By equipping your heroes with items that grant you buffs and debuffs, you'll be able to defeat some of the trickiest opponents in the game.

For example, some monsters will use debuffs like poison, taunts or silence to lower your power level. Effectively, if you equip your hero with an item that grants you poison, taunt or silence resistance, you'll be able to defeat them with greater ease. Moreover, you yourself will be able to use debuffs against your enemies, especially if you have items that increase debuff abilities.

The strongest items will give you Special Skills

Lastly, the most powerful Crypto Sword & Magic items will empower you with Special skills. These will be mostly Legendary items, which you can obtain through the Crypto Sword & Magic presale. Such items can give you unique skills, like Lifesteal, All Skill Level, or Double Attack Rate, all of which will give you an edge over your enemies.

Now that you understand the value of these items, go to the Crypto Sword & Magic official website and join the presale. And while you're waiting for the official game launch, be sure to check out our DGaming Store for other entertaining crypto games!