In the first week of their presale, Battle Racers sold more than 479 ETH worth of item crates. More importantly, the Battle Racers team diligently resolved all the issues surrounding the presale, resulting in users finally being able to open their purchased crates.

Show Me the Numbers

Seven days, 195 unique users, 3,300 transactions, and 479.26 ETH. Impressive, isn't it? The infographic below also demonstrates that the Wood crate was the go-to choice for most users. Second most purchased chests were Bronze, followed by Silver and Gold.

Over 4,000 car parts were minted in the first week

Interestingly, users also found 16 Legendary parts in their item chests, which is 26,66% of the total Legendary part pool. Arguably the most valuable car part, Bolt Cadillac Body, was claimed by one lucky user named "freak".

And What About the Bugs?

As said in our previous Battle Racers article, many users experienced issues while opening their crates. The Battle Racers team were kind enough to transparently explain to their community the cause of the presale problems:

  1. When you buy a Battle Racers crate, you buy an ERC-20 token. So, when you click "Open Crate", the smart contract commands the Ethereum mainnet to destroy the crate.
  2. Then the contract "calls" an oracle to determine the gas price for this transaction.
  3. If the transaction is confirmed, the contract orders the sidechain to start minting items.

The problem with the presale was caused by the "burn crate" function. Specifically, if the gas price spiked in a particular moment, the contract would call off the transactions and prevent the minting process.

How Did the Team Resolve this Issue?

In the first couple of days, the team manually processed transactions. Eventually, they fixed the issue by setting a higher default gas price to avoid confusion with the smart contracts. The team also plans to roll out an update that will make their website more intuitive and fluid.

Battle Racers expressing their happiness on Twitter

Once the issue was completely resolved, the community rushed towards their crates and started unboxing like crazy! They shared their videos and screenshots on Discord, boasting about their precious car parts. The community has also expressed its desire for the car parts to become tradable, and the Battle Racers team is already working on a solution to make this possible.

Lastly, the team has also said that they'll give away free car parts to all users that were affected by the crate-open bug. If you are among those early buyers, you'll receive your free gift when the presale ends.

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