Today, a turn-based strategy game Forest Knight unveiled that they're partnering with a leading European fiat-to-cryptocurrency exchange, Kriptomat. In addition to their new partnership, Forest Knight has also announced that they’d reward the top 10  adopters with numerous rewards.

Partnering With Kriptomat

Forest Knight will integrate Kriptomat's Multiverse Founder's Token (MFT) and enable their players to trade Forest Knight assets on the Kriptomat exchange platform. Moreover, Forest Knight has also announced that all Forest Knight MFT holders will enjoy perpetual rewards and airdrops from Kriptomat.

The Forest Knight & Kriptomat partnership is refreshing for both parties

To clarify; both Forest Knight and Kriptomat are now members of the Enjin Multiverse. Furthermore, both have created their version of an MFT, which awards MFT holders with perpetual rewards and airdrops. Last but not least, both companies will not only reward those that hold their native tokens, but also those who own other MFTs. Effectively, Forest Knight will permanently reward Kriptomat MFT holders and vice versa.

Explaining Forest Knight Supporter Program

Forest Knight is rewarding 10 users who purchase the greatest amount of their Forest Knight Winter Chests with lucrative rewards. The top 10 supporters will receive equal rewards regardless of their position.

Moreover, Forest Knight is also rewarding everyone that purchased at least one Winter Chest with a Shard Sword, an item that'll be usable in Forest Knight and Cats in Mechs. Forest Knight will distribute these rewards once the milestone of 750 sold chests is achieved by the community.

What Is a Badge of Honor?

The top 10 Forest Knight early adopters will also receive a Badge of Honor. The badge will be minted with Enjin's Mintshop and backed by 1,000 Enjin Coins (ENJ). The badges will be tradable on various exchanges and will reward their owners with ongoing prizes.

Badge of Honor gives you 50% faster energy refresh rate in Forest Knight

More importantly, the Badge of Honor will grant its owner a 50% faster energy refresh rate in Forest Knight. The 50% bonus applies to the speed you can perform quests, complete tasks, and much more. Furthermore, the top 10 supporters will also receive special rewards from Forest Knight, including:

  • A special in-game border
  • A unique in-game title
  • Forest Knight will name 10 in-game assets after the top 10 supporters. The devs will discuss which objects they'll name once the sale ends and the winners are announced
  • The top 10 supporters will receive a full Multiverse Set. The Multiverse Set holds 9 ENJ-backed items, which will be usable across all Enjin Multiverse games once the Multiverse launches