The XAYA team has released information about their decentralized sandbox MMO game, Taurion. Taurion aims to provide players with a truly decentralized and autonomous blockchain world where gamers have fun and truly own their in-game assets.

Taurion's Lore

It's the year 3019, and the humans have long forgotten their native planet. Three of the eight Houses that left the Earth during the Great Exodus settled on planets not too far fromeach other, yet far away from their old home:

  • House Reubo - intelligence and understanding
  • House Epharti - patience and diligence
  • House Jodon - strength and power

With no resources to build their homes and no course in their mind, the houses soon found themselves at the verge of extinction.

Taurion features massive explorable world abundant with hidden resources

But then a glimmer of hope appeared, a bright signal from a solar system in one of the galaxy's nearby sectors. The houses rushed towards it and began examining its nature.

Despite their best efforts and the advanced technology of the House Reubo, the houses couldn't even comprehend the complex nature of the texts they found on the planet. After long research, they managed to translate a single world - Taurion.

About Taurion

Taurion should be understood as a complex, decentralized and autonomous game. The game aims to become:

  • A perpetual, neverending MMO sandbox
  • A massive decentralized autonomous world without servers
  • A game with true asset ownership, mining, and crypto-earning potential
  • A socially integrated game that allows gamers to strategize, form alliances, build their reputation or betray their partners
  • A game with in-game elements such as factions, building, crafting, vehicles, escorting, training, combat and much more

The game is still in development and will run on the XAYA blockchain. If you'd like to familiarize yourself with XAYA, you can read our in-depth article on XAYA to learn more about it.

The Road So Far

As of March 3, Taurion features a complete 8,000 X 8,000 map. Just to give you an idea of how big this map really is; it would take you days to traverse the entire map with light vehicles, and maybe months with heavy vehicles. The map has also been graphically tweaked and features insurmountable obstacles.

A video portraying Taurion’s early combat and movement systems

Furthermore, players are now able to create and name their characters and spawn them on the map. As of now, players can join the ranks of one of the three available in-game factions.

The team also added vehicle movements, whose speed will depend on their type, add-ons, debuffs, and of course, player's skills. Lastly, Taurion now features a basic combat system for vehicles, with their pertaining hp, shielding, regen and damage systems.