As of yesterday, Neon District players are able to participate in the first-ever Neon District boss auction. The boss named Baus will be one of its kind, giving its owner unique perks as well as direct collaboration with the Neon District developer, Blockade Games.

About the Baus

Having successfully accomplished the $50,000 milestone in their Founder’s Sale, the Neon District community unlocked the first-ever Neon District boss auction. The offered boss is the notorious Baus, a unique asset obtainable only via the ongoing Neon District auction. The highest bidder will automatically win the Baus on April 14th, 22:00 EST. At the time of writing, the current highest bid is set at 9.03 ETH.

The notorious Baus

But what's so special about the Baus? Aside from being powerful and one-of-a-kind, the Baus will give its owner direct collaboration with the Neon District devs. Specifically, by participating and winning in the Baus Auction, you'll be able to:

  • Determine Baus' mechanics, powers and gameplay role
  • Dave a vote in the Baus' color scheme
  • Decide what background music will follow the Baus
  • Determine Baus' background setting, i.e. the logo
  • Decide which attributes the Baus will have

A Follow-up Event

This special event also brings with it a unique Neon District event. When the auction hits the stretch goal of 721 ETH, Blockade Games will reward the winner with a complete trip to New York, which includes flight, hotel, group dinner, and so on. The event will take place at TechStars NYC, in May 2019.

Why? The winner of the auction will fly directly to New York and work in-person with the Blockade Games team and help them design and shape the final form of the Baus. Moreover, if the community reaches the aforementioned goal, Blockade Games will also include the winner in the Season Zero game credits!

About Neon District

Neon District is a cyber-punk RPG game developed by Blockade Games. The game is still currently being built on the Loom network, a next-gen blockchain DApp platform for the Ethereum blockchain.

Neon District gameplay demo

In Neon District, players will control a group of characters and collect NFTs by progressing through the main storyline. According to the game's lore, players will, either as Degens or Edits (two in-game fractions), combat the increasingly oppressive government entity and prevent them from turning the Neon District into a dystopian nightmare.

If you're a fan of the RPG genre, story-driven gameplay and dystopian/cyberpunk atmosphere, then Neon District might be your cup of tea. You may also join the game's ongoing Founder’s Sale to purchase early-adopter items and support the devs.

The Neon District Season 0 is expected to go live later this spring.