Yesterday, a regulated European cryptocurrency exchange platform Kriptomat announced their partnership with Enjin. Kriptomat will utilize Enjin's platform and integrate ERC-1155 tokens, thus becoming the first exchange platform to adopt blockchain-based assets to gamify user experience (UX).

On Partnership With Enjin

Kriptomat is partnering with Enjin in order to gamify UX, as well as to increase user retention and acquisition. Furthermore, Kriptomat aims to natively adopt Ethereum’s ERC-1155 tokens which will allow Kritpomat users to earn trading points, rewards, discounts, and many other benefits that come with ERC-1155 token integration.

Kriptomat is available on both mobile and desktop devices

Kriptomat says that many other notable blockchain game titles, including AlterVerse, Forest Knight and War of Crypto have already expressed their desire to join the Kriptomat exchange. This would allow gamers and crypto collectors to sell, buy and trade in-game assets by solely using the Kriptomat exchange platform.

Plans For Expansion

Kriptomat is a Slovenian company founded just a year ago. The company is known for deploying strict security protocols and is very picky when it comes to adopting crypto wallets and crypto coins. Currently, EU citizens can purchase 23 cryptocurrencies via their credit cards or EUR bank deposits.

Kriptomat also plans to add other payment methods to their arsenal in order to allow non-EU users to use their exchange platform. Furthermore, Enjin has already created a Kriptomat version of the EnjinX explorer, which allows Kriptomat users to seamlessly explore the blockchain market and trade their assets in a secure and convenient manner. The Kriptomat-branded EnjinX explorer is accessible in more than 20 languages and represents diverse token metrics in more than 50 fiat currencies.

Celebrating With A Giveaway

Enjin's list of partners increases with each passing day. Sixteen game developers already adopted Enjin's platform and its pertaining tools, such as Enjin’s Mintshop, SDK, and Enjin Beam. Furthermore, 34 games have already integrated Ethereum's ERC-1155 tokens, and 29 of those games became a part of the  Enjin Multiverse, a grand blockchain gaming project that allows gamers to use in-game assets outside their native games and across the entire multiverse.

Grab your free Kriptomat Founder Token while you still can!

In celebration of their new partnership with Enjin, Kriptomat is giving away Kriptomat's Founder Tokens to those who wish to join their project. These tokens will give their holders numerous long-term benefits, including perpetual rewards and future giveaways. Kriptomat’s Founder Tokens are fundamentally ERC-1155 Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). What this means is that Kriptomat’s Founder Tokens are unique and non-interchangeable, and will forever belong to the person that owns it.

If you'd like to get your hand on one of these tokens, or would like to learn more about Kriptomat, feel free to join their official Telegram channel.