In this article, we’ll walk you through the latest news regarding Forest Knight. We’ll explain why the devs decided to postpone the Early Access release and why they think their decision should benefit all Forest Knight players.

Why The Delay?

"When is Early Access?" is by far the most prevalent question posed by the Forest Knight community. And the devs said, "It would have been out by now, but we had to develop this thing called the Arena!" So what is the Arena?

The PvP will be available in the Early Access release

From the very begging, the devs were developing Forest Knight with an emphasis on the PvP gameplay. The idea was this: When the game launches, you'll have your Knight, and you will fight for your Kingdom, collect loot, and construct your buildings.

However, there’s no PvP. Fighting mobs, collecting resources and constructing buildings is cool, but after returning back to Chronville, the desire to compare your fighting power with others would eventually consume you! Seeing that the lack of PvP would bore some players, the devs decided to delay the release and make sure that the players can fight each other from the start.

You Can Blame The Arena

To make PvP available from the start, the devs had to invest time in developing and polishing the Arena. When the Early Access version is out, you'll be able to unlock the Arena at a certain point in the game. The Arena will enable you to search for your opponents and fight against them with your full power.

Fight versus others and earn in-game loot

This means that you'll be able to use everything in your arsenal and fight for in-game loot. Eventually, the devs will add a Ranked system and enable the players to earn awards with real-world value (blockchain-based awards).

You Can Also Blame New Buildings And Mana System

To further expand the in-game economy, the team also added the Tax building to the Town Square. The purpose of this building is to help you accumulate your resources at a more accelerated rate, which will allow you to purchase upgrades and heroes much faster.

And right next to the Taxation building will be the Donation building. The goal of this building is to enable the people of Chronville to directly support their troops by making donations.

Make a donation to avoid taxation!

Lastly, your Heroes will need to have sufficient mana to cast their special abilities. This change comes as a consequence of the new Mana System, whose purpose is to add more strategy to the game.

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