Today, DAO.Casino unveiled very interesting information regarding their Sandbox project. The goal of this project was to invite and encourage developers from around the world to develop games with DAO.Casino SDK. What were the results?

The Sandbox Project

On September 17, 2018, DAO.Casino launched its Sandbox project. The project challenged game developers, independent teams and game studios to develop games and DApps with the DAO.Casino SDK.

DAO.Casino is known for using new technology to improve the on-platform experience

Participants from around the world joined the project in order to learn the basics of DApp development using the DAO.Casino protocol. They've also familiarized themselves with the Signidice pseudorandom number generator (PRNG), binary logic, and so on.

On November 2, after a careful selection process, the DAO.Casino team chose 15 teams, who were at that time skilled and eager to develop, design and deploy games and DApps on the Ethereum blockchain. On November 5, the project officially began.

How Did It Go?

The teams presented and delivered astonishing results during the competition. At one point, DAO.Casino had to extend the project by one month (to January 31) in order to allow developers to complete their complex projects.

Not everyone managed to finish their project, but DAO.Casino was very pleased with those who finished it. The winner was announced on March 1 based on the following criteria:

  • The the most complete product
  • The best designed and intuitive product
  • The product having a strong front end

The winning team previously participated in International Blockchain Hackathon 2018 in Minsk. In fact, that is when they’ve started working on their classic shell game called "Eggs of Fortune", which ultimately brought them victory at the DAO.Casino Sandbox challenge. DAO.Casino said that they'll help the winners complete their project, and will later add the game to their platform.

Eggs of Fortune, the winners of the Sandbox project

What Did DAO.Casino Learn From This Project?

The whole point of this experiment was to see whether game developers can quickly acquaint themselves with DAO.Casino's SDK and deliver quality products.

The developers provided their feedback regarding the SDK, which will help DAO.Casino further improve and develop their platform.

Following the conclusion of the Sandbox project, DAO.Casino will continue to make their SDK more convenient and user-friendly. Furthermore, the team said that they plan on launching similar projects in the future.

The team is also extending their thanks to the Malta Blockchain Hackathon and Imaguru Blockchain Hackathon, who supported the Sandbox project by spreading the word and attracting new participants.