The first time CryptoWars launched a tournament, the community's response was so overwhelming that it caused network problems, downtimes, and bugs. Though it technically failed, the first tournament was a clear demonstration that CryptoWars community members are more than anxious to battle each other for prizes and glory. It also allowed CryptoWars to improve their servers for the next tournament, which is set to launch on February 21st.

About The Second Tournament

When your first tournament "fails" because too many users applied, that's a win in the DGaming industry. CryptoWars took that as a win, learned from their errors and are now ready for their second tournament.

Hefty prizes await the potential winners

They plan on staging four 7-day tournaments, each having a fitting name CryptoWars chose to honor the special prize sponsors:

  1. "It’s definitely gonna break” - special prize provided by Axie Infinity
  2. “It should break less” - special prize provided by Zombie Battleground
  3. "It should work alright" - special prize provided by The Sandbox
  4. "If it doesn’t work well, we go develop a shrimp farm on EOS" - special prize provided by Blockade Games

On Prizes And Rules

Each tournament has a total prize pool of $940. Participants who earn their spot in the top 5 will earn the following prizes:

  1. $375
  2. $260
  3. $190
  4. $75
  5. $40

And the rules? Well, there's only one rule in the game; collect as much Quantum Dust as you possibly can! Furthermore, users who sign up for the first tournament will automatically receive an access code for the all the following tournaments.

You can learn more about the game by reading CryptoWars wiki

Prizes will be distributed in ETH, CASH, and Experimental Tokens. The tournaments will also feature rewards for accomplishing minor achievements, such as being the best attacker, trader or builder. The jury will announce the winners on January 18th, giving the CryptoWars team enough time to check if everything was in order.

Users may register using only 1 account, they may not use bots, and will not be able to use skins or starter packs. The team argues that there currently isn't a safety mechanism that would securely transfer skins backed by NFTs or ERC-20 tokens from sidechain to mainnet. However, CryptoWars plans on solving this issue with plasma cash in the near future.

Should You Join?

If you love strategy games with elements of the building, training, battling, and trading, CryptoWars might be your cup of tea. You can also engage with the community on Discord and Telegram, and read more about CryptoWars, its rules, and game mechanics on the CryptoWars wiki.