Coins & Steel announced that they'd release a demo version of their game in March 2019. More importantly, players will be able to keep the coins and items they collect from the great adventures and use them in the future stages of the game.

A Healthy Demo Twist

The Coins & Steel team have decided to add a healthy plot twist to the demo version of their game. All the items that players gather from playing the demo will be carried over into the late phases of the game.

You can earn and keep items by playing the demo version of Coins & Steel

Players will be able to swap their coins or buy in-game goods once the game reaches the final development stage. The Coins & Steel team said, "We don’t want you to spend hours and hours playing without getting anything out of it."

On The Demo Items

During the demo, players will be able to acquire the following items:

  • Resources - Wood, minerals, shards, gems, and so on. Players will later use these resources for crafting valuable in-game assets.
  • Skins - Players are able to purchase in-game skins by participating in the Coins & Steel presale on the OpenSea platform.

On Heroes, Abilities, and Monsters

There are currently 3 classes of heroes in Coins & Steel: fighters, archers and wizards. Each class serves a unique role on the battlefield and should be used according to their stats.

Each ability gives unique in-game buffs and boosts

Abilities should be thought of as hero modifications, which can be leveled once your hero acquires enough EXP. There are currently 6 abilities in the game and each ability grants unique bonuses. For example, the "Holy Guard" ability increases your defense and HP pool by 10%, while the "Raging Plunge" ability deals 300% damage to 2 random enemies.

The team also said that players will encounter numerous mobs and evil creatures on their path to glory. The game will also feature a powerful end boss, which will spawn on random locations once it's defeated.

On Interoperability, Crafting and Legendary Items

Coins & Steel have also partnered with CryptoKitties and will add kitties to their game. In the game, kitties will act as pets and will give passive buffs to the player. They'll also have a slot for 1 item, and will attack your enemies until you die in battle!

Kitties won’t be as cute in-game as they’re outside the game

In later stages of the game, players will be able to craft items in order to upgrade their existing items. Crafting will be an integral part of the game and will encourage gamers to explore the in-game world and fight for scarce and rare resources.

Lastly, Coins & Steel will add legendary items to their game. These items will give you an edge over your enemies by making your character a lot stronger and more powerful.