Two days ago, the Coins & Steel team launched the demo version of their RPG blockchain game. Effectively, players are now able to enter the Coins & Steel universe, test its features and earn in-game tokens (STL) and time-limited skins.

Not Your Typical Demo Release

The unique thing about the Coins & Steel demo is that the players are able to keep STLs, items, resources, and skins they earn during the demo phase. Moreover, players will be able to use the items in the later stages of the game!

You can find plenty of scarce and valuable loot in Coins & Steel

Furthermore, players will also soon be able to farm time-limited skins that will only be obtainable by playing the demo. Aside from altering the looks of your characters, these valuable skins will also be tradable on Ethereum mainnet in the later stages of the game.

It's also worth noting that players can find mysterious artifacts while playing the game. For now, we can’t say more about the nature and value of these items; they're truly a mystery! The only thing the devs said about the mysterious artifacts is: "We are going to keep the items a secret for now and let you discover them for yourself."

How Can You Join The Game?

The process of joining Coins & Steel is quite simple. All you have to do is download the game and start playing. Yes, it's that simple! This is possible for a number of reasons:

  1. Coins & Steel features a built-in crypto wallet, meaning that the players don't have to manually install a compatible wallet to play the game.
  2. The built-in wallet generates private keys automatically
  3. Players can access their login mnemonic data via the in-game settings menu.

About The Gameplay

Once you've logged in and created your character, your main agenda should be to level up your character to level 20. On your way there, you can collect equipment, earn coins, and trade with other players you encounter in the game.

Reaching level 20 is crucial because it opens up many opportunities in the game. For instance, reaching level 20 allows you to fight high-level bosses, which drop valuable items, resources, coins, and skins. You can also be rewarded with legendary skins and gear by discovering powerful invading bosses within the game.

Check our the Coins & Steel demo gameplay

It's recommended that you team up with other players if you want to take down these bosses, for they are quite brutal towards the lone-wolf type of players. You should also consider boosting your characters with unique skins and auras, which you can obtain via the Coins & Steel Founder's sale.

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