Yesterday, the Chainbreakers Legendary items sold out like tickets for a hot movie. The auction lasted no more than 90 minutes and was followed by a short teaser that gave fans a quick glimpse into the future of Chainbreakers.

Picture from Chainbreakers

What Is Chainbreakers?

Chainbreakers is a Roley Playing Game (RPG) with elements of strategy and tactics. The game runs on two levels:

  • the backend part runs on the Ethereum blockchain technology
  • the frontend aspect operates through the Decentraland universe and runs on Virtual Reality (VR)

The main storyline will happen on Decentraland, where players will progress by following the main storyline, completing quests, leveling, and so forth. The partnership between Chainbreakers and Decentraland is mutually beneficial: Decentraland will "rent" parcels, while Chainbreakers brings in new players and elements into the Decentraland universe.

What Is The Chainbreakers Crowdsale?

Chainbreakers' value is tied to the ERC-721 tokens, which are distributed through their crowdsale. Crowdsales are quite common in the cryptocurrency ecosystems because they allow developers to generate necessary funds. Investors, in return, get rewarded for their early support.

Two days ago, Chainbreakers ran an auction for their Legendary items (as part of their crowdsale). Investors paid for their items with MANA, an in-game Decentraland currency that is backed by the Ethereum.

All items offered at the auction sold out. According to the Chainbreakers developers, investors spent 130,000 MANA on their legendary assets, which equates to roughly $14,000.

Analyzing The Chainbreakers Teaser

Chainbreakers trailer

During the weekend, developers decided to tease their fans by releasing a new trailer. In it, users could see the temple built on a 3x3 Decentraland parcel. According to the developers, this temple will be an on-boarding place for the future Chainbreakers' gamers.

The temple was filled with items (swords, daggers, two-handed axes, wands), some of which were already showcased and sold at the auction.. The game is expected to have 3 classes, healer, damage dealer, and tank. We assume that the future gamers will equip themselves with these items before they step out into Decentraland universe.

On New Update And The Next Crowdsale Phase

The Chainbreakers developer team worked hard to improve the in-game marketplace. The update came today, bringing a more appealing, informative and easy-to-navigate marketplace. More importantly, the UI improvements now include graphs that showcase stats for each particular item.

Users can go through the diagrams, and examine items in detail. The developers also announced the next phase of their crowd sale, during which they'll offer common, uncommon and rare items to their investors.