The Chainbreakers beta for Decentraland will start on July 19, 2019. All users that own a Celestial Ring will be able to join the beta phase, which will run on the Matic sidechain. Chainbreakers also published its roadmap; you can read more about it down below.

What You Need To Know About The Beta

Chainbreakers' recent partnership with Matic gave birth to the idea of running the Chainbreakers beta on the Matic sidechain. Effectively, anyone that owns a Celestial Ring will be able to join the beta phase on July 19.

The beta will occur on the Matic sidechain

In order to allow the players to use their items, Chainbreakers will take a snapshot of its 3 smart contracts from the Ethereum network, and then reflect it on Matic's sidechain. That way, users will be able to use their items on Matic’s sidechain the same way they'd use them on the mainnet.

Note that Chainbreakers will take the snapshot on July 18, which means that all transactions that occur up until that point will be included in the snapshot. So, if there are some items that you'd like to test out in the upcoming beta, be sure to obtain them before July 18.

How To Join The Beta?

Chainbreakers introduced Celestial Rings in May this year. The team said that the Rings will give their owners instant access to the closed beta. The only way users were able to obtain these rings was via the Chainbreakers airdrops.

Celestial Rings give you access to the Beta phase

If you didn’t get a Celestial Ring and would love to participate in the Beta, you can purchase Celestial Rings on the OpenSea platform. There are users who obtained the Rings and are willing to sell them to others. But remember that you must purchase a Ring before July 18!

Q3 2019 Roadmap

Chainbreakers has a lot of things planned for Q3 this year. First, there's the Beta. In it, players will get access to 3 quest areas and will progress from level 1 to 13. Chainbreakers players will also be able to experience multiplayer questing, as well as in-game trading.

In August, Chainbreakers plans to add 3 additional quest areas, for players that are between level 13 and 24. This update will also add new features to the game, including PvE battling and reward pools.

This is going to be an exciting year for the Chainbreakers community

Lastly, in September, Chainbreakers plans to add two final quest areas designed for level 24 to 30 players. The team also plans to introduce the first raid with this update and test the LAND contribution system. On September 30, Chainbreakers should launch on the Matic Mainnet.

During this testing phase, your progress won't be saved. However, you'll finally be able to enjoy your Chainbreakers items, see the game's environment and experience a vast array of content. And while you're waiting for the Beta, be sure to check out our DGaming Store to find instantly playable games!