Recently, Chainbreakers launched a 3D version of their marketplace. Built with Decentraland's latest SDK, the marketplace adds a next-level experience to the game by allowing players to interact with in-game content in a VR environment.

When The Marketplace Goes 3D

At the center of the marketplace is a fountain, with market stalls surrounding it. As a player, you can go through these stalls and browse items, all of which are available in the ongoing Chanbreakers crowdsale and sorted by their quality and price levels.

Players can also dress one of these pristine units with 9 different armors, each armor having 2 perks. The units are currently static, but the team said they'd soon add unit idle animations.

An image from the Chaibreakers 3D marketplace

Unveiling Animated Baby Pets

With the launch of the 3D marketplace, Chainreakers also revealed their limited community NFTs, baby pets. The unique thing about these pets is that they cannot be purchased. Instead, players can obtain them by participating in the crowdsale.

To see if you are eligible for getting the pet, join Chaibreakers' Discord and type "!pets" in the chat. Also, if you're interested in their supply, check the image below.

Baby Dragons honor/supply values

To increase your chances of obtaining ultra rare, high-level pets, you may secure for yourself high-level items for your planned heroes. Having heroes equipped with crowdsale items, you'll be able to level rapidly, which in-turn entitles you to a rare pet with a gold, silver or bronze token.

Things To Come

All those who would like to participate (or are already participating) in the crowdsale should know this:

  1. The official Chainbreakers crowdsale lasts until April 2nd, 2019.
  2. Items that are currently offered in the crowdsale are unique, more valuable and more powerful than those offered in the next stage.

When April 2nd arrives, Chainbreakers will deploy their Gen 2 items and also reduce the honor points players receive from purchases and referrals; not significantly, but reduced nonetheless. To read more about the changes that are coming with Gen 2 smart contracts, see our article.

All pets are equal but some more than others

Lastly, the the Chainbreakers team is encouraging existing and new users to join their Discord channel to stay up to date with current and upcoming updates and events. This will also allow you to check your progress of obtaining baby pets; the hand-crafted, limited edition, community NFTs.

Note: To inspect items and animated pets in a 3D environment, see this link.