Maker's currency, DAI, is coming to Axie Infinity. The collaboration between these two will give birth to many great things, including time-limited NFT giveaways, greater financial freedom, and even more liquidity for Maker Foundation and Axie Infinity players.

What Is The Nature Of This Partnership?

Axie Infinity teamed up with the Maker Foundation, an organization that seeks to bring stability and reason to crypto finance. Through this collaboration, Axie Infinity will adopt DAI as its in-game currency and allow players to earn it while playing.

Claim your DAI-themed Axie Infinity assets!

On the other hand, Maker will, for a limited time, allow users to claim unique, special-edition DAI-themed assets that will be playable in Axie Infinity. To claim these assets, you have to be a proven Collateral Debt Position (CDP) owner.

What Is CDI And How Can You Claim Your Assets?

Maker Foundation has a CDP portal, a place where you can generate and buy DAI, Maker's stablecoin. Like other stablecoins, DAI mirrors the value of fiat currencies and brings stability to an otherwise volatile crypto market. DAI is very versatile in terms of its use, but for the purpose of simplicity, we'll stick to its use in gaming.

When you arrive at the CDP portal, you can start generating DAI. The more DAI you generate, the better your Axie Infinity NFT will be. Here's how it works:

  • users that have drawn at least 150 DAI will receive a Rare Axie NFT
  • users that have drawn at least 1,500 DAI will get an Epic Axie NFT
  • users that have drawn at least 15,000 DAI will get a Mystic Axie NFT

Don't forget that you can earn DAI by playing Axie Infinity. Maker Foundation will also award 1,000 DAI to the best Axie trainers for Ladder Season One. Additionally, Maker Foundation will also add 1000 DAI to the total prize pool of the first Axie Infinity real-time battle tournament.

Bringing the richness of DAI to the Axie Infinity gaming universe

Stepping Into The DGaming Industry

Maker believes that DAI will play a key role in the DGaming industry. It also sees gaming as an excellent way of introducing users to DAI because many users buy crypto for gaming purposes.

Partnering with Axie Infinity will certainly help Maker reach a broader audience. Once the users are accustomed to DAI, they'll also be motivated to explore the entire ecosystem behind it. According to Maker's statement, DAI’s adoption is growing 20% per month. This is a clear sign that the stablecoin is healthy, and that its use within the DGaming industry is proliferating.

If you’ve already accumulated enough DAI to claim your special-edition Axie Infinity NFTs, but have never played Axie Infinity, visit our DGaming Store. From our store, you can access hundreds of other games!