Strategic partnerships and collaborations seem to be the central theme for many DGaming companies in 2019. Just 2 days ago, Animoca Brands announced a partnership with Worldwide Asset eXchange (WWX). The primary goal of this partnership is to bring Animoca's "The Sandbox" to the WWX platform, thus enabling its community to trade crypto assets freely and securely.

What Is The Sandbox?

The Sandbox is a community-driven decentralized gaming platform developed by Pixowl. In Q3 2018, Animoca Brands acquired Pixowl and has since then supported the development of The Sandbox.

The Sandbox users will be able to develop their own worlds and assets with the Voxel Editor

The Sandbox is one of the most anticipated blockchain gaming platforms. The platform offers its users various tools to develop their content, of which the most potent one is the Voxel Editor. The editor will be very simple to use, which will enable game developers, artists, designers, and other users to develop 3D assets and games conveniently.

Editor aside, The Sandbox also features a native marketplace, where users will be able to trade assets. Additionally, The Sandbox features its own gaming ecosystem, where developers will be able to deploy their assets and create unique games for their respective communities.

Why Is Animoca Brands Partnering With WAX?

Though The Sandbox will feature its own market, allowing users the access to the WAX Platform furthers the liquidity of The Sandbox assets. On the WAX platform, The Sandbox users will be able to trade, buy and sell NFTs created by Animoca Brands and their respective partners.

The Sandbox players will also be able to purchase presale items on the WAX Express Trade, one of the easiest and simplest ways to acquire crypto assets. The Sandbox Voxel Editor will first enter the beta phase, where artists, designers, and game developers will be able to explore its usability. After that, The Sandbox will be fully released.

The $250,000 Investment

According to the signed agreement, Animoca Brands will invest $250,000 in WAX's shares, and in return, it will receive WAX tokens at the mentioned value. WAX CEO William Quigley said, "WAX is currently processing more transactions than any other blockchain company. Partnering with Animoca Brands will help us reach our primary goal, which is to become a global platform for digital commerce.”

The WAX platform offers countless options to its users

In return, Animoca Brands and its partners will have access to the WAX platform, which will improve the liquidity of their assets. Animoca Brands is reminding everyone that The Sandbox will inherit all the benefits of blockchain technology, including true asset ownership, decentralization, and free trading.