Yesterday, Soccer Manager Crypto unveiled its new brand and started its closed beta registration process. Now named Soccer Manager Elite, the game is seeking to enter its next phase by bringing their blockchain-empowered football manager simulation game to football fans worldwide.

On Rebranding And Beta

Soccer Manager Crypto decided to swap "Crypto" with "Elite" in order to better connect with the mainstream and attract elite football fans. To put it plainly, SM Elite will resonate better with football fans than SM Crypto would simply because Crypto implies technology and finance, while Elite indicates "being the best."

Join SM Elite and become a true football manager!

Furthermore, players are now able to apply for SM Elite beta. To do so, you must follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Soccer Manager Elite official website
  2. Scroll down to the bottom of the main page and enter your email address in the designated box
  3. Confirm your registration. Be sure to check your spam folder; that's where I found my confirmation link.

What Is Soccer Manager Elite?

SM Elite is a blockchain version of the classic SM Worlds game. Just like many other football manager games, SM Elite will allow players to take control of football clubs, manage finance, buy and sell players and play matches with other players.

And here's the plot twist for all you non-crypto football fans; in SM Elite, you'll be able to truly own clubs and players. That is, you will be able to take full or partial ownership of a club and make important decisions that will determine your club’s future. For example, you’ll have to buy the right players and play the right tactics in order to win matches and earn SME coins that are backed with real-world value.

How Will The Game Work?

The SM  Elite team said that they'll distribute a limited number of clubs, allowing players to take full or partial ownership of those clubs. All clubs will participate in one big gaming world named "The Elite Championship", and will compete in a 5-tier league system (see the image below). Only 620 clubs will be offered to the players.

620 clubs, 5 leagues, thousands of players

The game will run on the XAYA blockchain, meaning that it will be completely decentralized (serverless), and will feature a player-controlled economy and free marketplace. No outside force will be able to shut down the game, and no one but you and other club shareholders will be able to determine the fate of your club.

As a club owner, you'll have to take care of your club and players, meet their needs, expand your fan base and develop the club's infrastructure. You'll also play two league matches per week, arrange friendly matches, and most importantly, earn real money while playing your favorite sport simulation game!