VREX Lab has recently unveiled their new game; Dynopoly. Dynopoly is a blockchain-powered video game inspired by the famous Monopoly game. Dynopoly will take place in Dyverse, where players will use their Kydy, an in-game playing piece, in an attempt to bankrupt their opponents and earn valuable crypto prizes.

Playing, Winning, Earning

Dynopoly will be powered by Enjin. Effectively, at the start of each round players will pay a fixed amount of Enjin Coins (ENJ), an amount which will contribute to the total prize pool.

A sneak peek into Dynopoly’s board

Then, at the end of each season, the best performers receive their share of the total prize pool. Each Kydy, a character with which you’ll play Dynopoly, will be backed by ENJ and therefore have a real value attached to it. Players will have an option to trade their Kydys however they wish or even melt them to retrieve their underlying value in ENJ.

On Dynopoly Gameplay

Like the traditional Monopoly game, Dynopoly will perform as a board game. The devs said that they want to create a fun game, one that is easy to understand and play, but also difficult to master.

In the game, players will roll dices, move their pieces on the board and purchase property in an attempt to monopolize the Dyverse. The Closed Beta version of the game should arrive this Summer. The only way you'll be able to participate in this Beta testing phase is by purchasing and unlocking Dynopoly Rare presale assets.

The presale will start on May 24 this year, and each chest will cost $30 and contain one Kydy. Understandably, to play Dynopoly you'll need to have at least one Kydy.

The goal is simple: bankrupt your opponents and earn crypto!

Why Should You Purchase Presale Kydys?

Dynopoly will offer special, limited-edition Kydys during the presale. These Kydys will also have a chance of featuring unique powers. For example, you may receive a Kydy that can never go to jail or a Kydy that instantly owns a particular property on the board.

Having a Kydy also give you complete ownership over it, meaning that you'll be able to monetize your assets however you wish. For example, you'll be able to create various content with Kydy Mobile AR app and make a profit from your actions.

Lastly, VREX Lab is currently working with Enjin and members of the Enjin Multiverse to make their assets a part of the Enjin Multiverse. Should they make deals, you'll be able to play other games within the Multiverse with your Kydy.

To stay up to date with Dynopoly, be sure to VREX Lab’s official website. Also, don't forget to visit our DGaming Store if you're looking for fun and profitable DGames to play right now!