Two weeks ago, Decentraland announced that it's currently developing a user-friendly Builder for all Decentraland users. With the Builder approaching its launch, Decentraland has launched the Creator Contest, encouraging users to try out the builder and deliver top content.

What Are The Rules?

The rules of the contest are pretty straightforward;

  1. Sign up for the contest via this link
  2. Wait for the Builder launch
  3. Develop no more than 20 scenes

Once the builder launches, each participant will have 2 weeks to deliver top quality scenes and earn prizes. Though we still don't know the exact date of the launch, Decentraland said that they plan on releasing the Builder in early March. Winners will be announced 1 week after the end of the competition.

Gnark patrolling the streets of Decentraland

Generous Rewards

Each scene, whether it enters the final stage of the competition or not, will be rewarded with 100 MANA. Furthermore, the panel of five judges will select the top 50 scenes, which will be rewarded with extra MANA.

Most importantly, these scenes will be displayed in within "the capital of Decentraland," the Genesis City.  Then 5 of the top 50 scenes will go to the finals, earning their creators LAND and a substantial amount of MANA.

About The Builder

As we said in the introduction, the Decentraland builder is built with a user-friendly mindest. It's web-based, and features drag-and-drop functions, allowing users with or without technical knowledge to let their imaginations go wild.

The builder should feature more than 100 unique 3D assets, allowing the entire community to deliver scenes and later deploy them on LAND. Note that the builder is intended for the development of static environments, hence the use of the word "scenes."

The scenes can don’t have to be beautiful; they can be scary and horrific!

Focusing On The Progress

When the Second Land sale ended, many LAND owners asked for an easy-to-use drag-and-drop builder. Many users argued that such builder would allow everyone to deliver unique content to their LAND, which would make every LAND parcel unique and more valuable.

Decentraland agreed with the community's suggestions and had since then been working on the builder. Builder aside, Decentraland has also been working on projects that would further improve Decentraland's governance, economy, and security. This includes the prevention of MANA inflation, the use of Agora for Decentraland's most important decisions, the exploration of token curated registries (TCRs), and the issuing of Access Token NFTs