In this article, we'll talk about Cheeze Wizards, a new Battle Royale (BR) blockchain game developed by Dapper Labs. In this game, players will fight against each other and compete in global tournaments for glory and prizes.

The Main Premise of the Game

In Cheeze Wizards, players will act as summoners. By manipulating ether, players will summon Wizards and compete in PvP matchups. All players will fight for the ultimate prize, the Big Cheeze, which will grow in size as more players join the tournament.

Dapper Labs is building a new BR blockchain game

Furthermore, each Wizard will be a non-fungible token (NFT) stored on the blockchain. When a player summons a Wizard, he/she automatically increases the size of the Big Cheeze. So, the more players join the game, and the more Wizards these players summon, the bigger the final reward.

About the Gameplay

Cheeze Wizards tournaments will be hosted globally and will last for several weeks. As a player, you'll duel numerous foes, and grow in power with each victory. And here comes the BR effect; in the final phases of each tournament, a blue mold will start devouring Wizards that are below the given power threshold.

As in every BR game, the last Wizard standing will win the grand prize, aka the Big Cheeze. The Dapper Labs team said that, though the game is built on the blockchain, it will feature innovative fast-paced gameplay and beautifully weird graphics.

The gameplay itself will be easy to understand, but also difficult to master. The devs have also said that the gameplay will improve with time as they'll continue to add new features and elements to spice things up and create an immersive, blockchain BR gaming experience.

A Word from the Devs

Cheeze Wizards is being developed by the same team that created CryptoKitties, arguably the most famous blockchain game. The team will leverage its accumulated blockchain game development experience and create something new, something that is in many ways different from CryptoKitties.

CryptoKitties was created by the same team that’s now building Cheeze Wizards

The devs have also stated that Cheeze Wizards is a social project, one that invites all users and encourages them to extend the use of Cheeze Wizards by making their own projects, features, tools, and experiences. The social aspect will also be present in the game itself, that is, the players will be able to form parties and compete for special prizes.

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