The War Riders' Gun Factory recently got a significant expansion. Soon, the players will be able to access and use modern weaponry, including machine guns, rocket launchers, flamethrowers, and lasers. Some of these will be available in the Alpha phase, some in the later stages of the game.

And The Gun Factory Was Born...

The Apocalypse did quite a number on humanity. The Earth was governless, and turned into an anarchistic Wasteland. Scared and leaderless, humans began building weapons to protect themselves from everyone and everything.

Golden barrel + War Riders’ Skin = deadly combination

Firstly, people started using used up parts from the old crypto-mining farms; this is how the Gun Factory was established. These weapons weren't much at first, but they became more sophisticated over time, and eventually became what they're today.

About The Guns

The Gun Factory has 4 weapon categories: machine guns, rocket launchers, flamethrowers, and lasers. During the Alpha, you will only be able to use machine guns and rocket launchers.

You'll be able to obtain these weapons with BZN or ETH via the War Riders presale. The weapons are ERC-721 tokens, released through the Gun Factory smart contract and tradable on the open market.

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The Gun Anatomy

Each weaponry system consists of two parts, main and secondary.

The main weapons will go onto the roof of your vehicle and will rotate by 360 degrees. These weapons will also have shields, which will protect them from impact and damage. The shields will have different skins, allowing you to customize your vehicle according to your taste. You'll be able to acquire these skins from the War Riders loot boxes.

The secondary weapons will go on the front of your vehicle, one on each side. They'll be smaller and less powerful, and will be sold in pairs. They also won't have a shield, and won't be able to rotate as the main weapons will.

Custom Barrels

Both main and secondary weapons will have different types of barrels. Specifically, War Riders will release four types of barrels during the alpha, including Regular, Carbon, Gold, and Platinum.

War Riders multiplayer demo

Like skins, you'll be able to obtain these barrels from the loot boxes. They'll be distributed randomly, meaning that the rarity of the barrel types you get will depend on your luck. If you'd like to see what weapons will be available during the Alpha, visit the War Riders' official blog. There you can also see different types of skins and barrels.

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