After listing 9 games in the store last week, we're happy to announce that even more games are now live!

In total, 27 games will be released on our platform. This is the first time EOS-based games will be listed.

Here is an overview of some of the most popular games that will be available in the store:

EOS Knights

EOS Knights was the first mobile games to launch on the EOS blockchain and is currently one of the most popular mobile DApps on EOS.

In the game, players collect items and resources, craft materials, adopt pets and trade materials and items on the market to earn EOS. Players also grow their own knights, archers, and mages, equip them with better gear and send them to battles.

In a recent review, that you can see here, our writer, Thomas, said, “I ended up seriously enjoying EOS Knights. It’s addictive and it doesn’t require that much time either.”

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0xWarriors is an action-packed, multi-blockchain multiplayer RPG where players assemble teams of warriors to fight for glory and lucrative rewards.

Players are able to customize each warrior in a distinct and unique way, as well as equip them with armor and weapons to boost battle performance. In-game items can be purchased or obtained by opening loot boxes or through in-game tournaments and battles.

So assemble your troops and battle your way to the top of the leaderboard against other skilled opponents!

In our review of 0xWarriors, we said, “xGames is getting better with each consecutive game they develop, and 0xWarriors is their best game to date. It’s beautifully designed, fun to play, and addictive. There aren’t many DGames that are as good as 0xWarriors.”

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Crypto Sword and Magic

Crypto Sword & Magic is a blockchain version of the popular Facebook game, Sword & Magic. In it, you choose between 3 main classes; warrior, archer, and sorcerer. Each of which has a unique skill set for you to choose from. You then proceed to complete the game's stages, for which you're rewarded with loot and EXP. You can use items and EXP to strengthen your hero and increase their value in an outside the game.

The game features tons of items and pets, all of which can be freely traded on a decentralized marketplace. The game also features a mercenary system, which allows you to pair up with other players in order to beat the toughest monsters and earn lucrative loot. Of course, you yourself can offer your services to others and help them complete challenging tasks and in return win higher rewards.

The game features beautiful graphics and has a lot of depth to it, which is why you should definitely try it out if you're a fan of the RPG genre.

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MonsterEOS is a Tamagotchi battle game which was one of the first to arrive on the EOS blockchain. Players must care for their monster, but there are no creation fees, the player must simply pay for its storage.

Once your monster is well cared for, it's time for battle! Enter the arena, and match against another user, and see whose monster is the toughest.

There are 109 different types of monster, each a non-fungible token. As is unique to blockchain games, you retain full ownership over your monster, so can transfer or trade it as you wish.

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We will detail the full product update in our next Product Journal next week. You can find a full list of games that will be entering The DGaming Store, here.