Enjin and Korea are like Romeo and Juliet; they're in love. Though this love story was not a complete secret, it was unofficial. That changed yesterday when Enjin announced an official partnership with the Korea Mobile Game Association (KMGA) and Korea Blockchain Contents Association (KBCA).

What Is The Essence Of This Partnership?

It's all about popularizing the blockchain technology in Korea. All parties involved will work to promote blockchain technology and help Korea grow its booming blockchain gaming industry.

Of course, parties have agreed to put the Enjin platform at the forefront of this promotional endeavor. Together, KMGA, KBCA, and ENJ will search for potential users in the attempt to bring more people to the Enjin platform.

According to the signed agreement, we can expect new seminars, events and various opportunities for the blockchain technology in Korea. Should the parties achieve their goal, Enjin will undoubtedly become a leader in Korea's blockchain gaming industry.

Why Join Forces With KMGA And KBCA?

Partnering with KBCA makes sense. It's a natural alliance between the blockchain gaming platform and an association that seeks to raise the blockchain awareness in Korea. And what better way to build this awareness than by partnering with an important blockchain gaming platform, Enjin?

KMGA, on the other hand, is not interested strictly in the blockchain. Instead, they seek indie game developers and help them achieve their true potential. By partnering with Enjin, KMGA is entering into an entirely new realm, the DGaming industry.

KMGA is known for promoting new technologies. They sponsor seminars, organize conferences, and help companies deal with legislation. More often than not, young and bright startup companies lose their course and get smothered by paperwork, regulations, and rules.

And that's where KMGA steps in. They work with both companies and the government, ensuring that both sides benefit from the policies. Most importantly, KMGA provides legal support and makes sure that all is done transparently, legally and with integrity.

Sharing The Same Values

Like Enjin, KMGA works hard to decentralize the gaming industry. Their primary goal is to establish a fair playground with clear rules for all game developers. It is imperative that all game developers, whether big or small, know these rules.

The fair and transparent playfield is critical for both the developers and gamers. Developers will compete and grow in a balanced ecosystem, and the gamers will enjoy the best products. This signed partnership will, without a doubt, bring us closer to that goal, and help decentralize the gaming industry.