Today, Enjin announced that their Blockchain SDK for Unity will soon launch on the front page of Unity’s Asset Store. The two will launch a Testnet version of Enjin's SDK for Unity and demo it to thousands of users at this year's GDC.

On Enjin's Blockchain SDK For Unity

The Enjin Blockchain SDK has been in preparation for quite some time. "It's a labor of love," said Enjin's VPM Simon Kertonegoro, "developed by our AAA developers who worked at Activision, EA, IO Interactive and BioWare."

With Enjin Blockchain SDK, you can integrate blockchain assets with numerous platforms

Enjin's Blockchain SDK will enable game developers and DApp developers to implement the ERC-1155 token standard, which allows them to create both fungible and non-fungible tokens with a single smart contract. This allows developers to not only produce a large number of assets with ease but it also reduces gas fees and accelerates transaction processes.

Furthermore, thanks to the meticulous standardization of ERC-1155 data structures, the assets will be instantly interoperable and storable on the Ethereum blockchain.

Partnering With Unity

Before this year's GDC (March 18), Unity will add Enjin's Blockchain SDK to the front page of their asset store and allow millions of users to familiarize themselves with the SDK.

Moreover, Enjin and Unity will work together on a collaborative marketing campaign in order to encourage Unity community members to join the blockchain gaming movement and understand the benefits of blockchain technology.

What Can You Do With Enjin's Blockchain SDK?

Prior to GDC, game developers from around the world will be able to visit Unity's Asset store and begin using Enjin's Blockchain SDK on the Ethereum Testnet. In doing so, the developers will learn how to integrate blockchain assets with their games and familiarize themselves with the blockchain development platform.

Enjin’s Mintshop enables users to create unique blockchain assets

With Enjin's Blockchain SDK, users will be able to:

  • Create scarcity - EnjinX blockchain explorer enables devs to verify each individual asset and prevent counterfeiting
  • Create a Multiverse - since these assets are interoperable, the devs will be able to partner with other developers and migrate their assets to other games in order to form gaming multiverses
  • Implement various marketing strategies - the devs can design assets and distribute them to streamers or influencers, who can later share these assets with their communities in order to attract more gamers
  • Monetization - the devs can back their assets with Enjin Coin (ENJ), allowing users to earn assets, melt them, and later exchange them for Bitcoin
  • Crowdfunding campaigns - the devs can create assets and use Enjin's Platform to launch public or private presales. This allows developers to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars and fund their games prior to their release, and later distribute these assets to those who purchased them.

You can read Enjin's official announcement to see all the benefits of this collaboration and learn more about their plans for this year's GDC.