A year ago, platform by the name of Enjin emerged. Backed by blockchain technology, this platform sought to restore freedom and ownership into the world of gaming. They’ve achieved many things in just one year, with each update bringing them closer to their ultimate goal. And now, one year after their birth, the Enjin platform celebrates!

Why Was The Enjin Platform Developed?

Enjin developers believe that gameplaying is in our DNA. Kicking football, moving pebbles, battling digital assets; those are all games. However, they also think that the nature of virtual games became corrupt.

Over time, developers accumulated more power, leaving their community in dark, purposeless and with worthless assets in their hands. Today, users have no control over their digital assets because they don't truly own them. Seeing this degradation, they decided to create the Enjin platform.

On the Enjin platform, users own their assets and are free to control them. The in-game assets are scarce, valuable and backed by real-world value. In a way, Enjin made virtual assets factual and material.

The platform runs on the blockchain and allows designers, artists, developers, and gamers to mint their coins, shape their worlds and control their assets. And as of late, they’re working on the Multiverse idea, which will enable users to move their digital assets across multiple games.

A Birthday Celebration

The Enjin platform has many reasons to celebrate. Their community is growing, together with the entire DGaming industry. The Enjin community played a huge role in this success story, which is why the platform decided to return the favor.

How? The Enjin developers created two items, the Monolith, and the Horn. Even if you don't want to read about them, know this - the Monolith is worth 1 million ENJ, and the Horn 500,000 ENJ.

What Is The Monolith?

According to the Enjin lore, the Monolith is the first ERC-1155 digital asset. To obtain it, players must finish the Main Multiverse Quest. To complete the quest, they'll have to overcome challenges, solve puzzles, explore virtual worlds, and so forth.

The item is precious; you can buy the Tesla Model 3 with it (roughly speaking). Such thing can only be seen in DGaming, not in the traditional gaming industry.

What Is The Horn?

The Horn is another in-game item, worth roughly 500,000 ENJ. To obtain it, players will have to complete the so-called Tradesmith event. This event is unique, available only to the members of the Enjin community.

The Tradesmith is currently in development and will be available in 2019. It will contain multiverse items, which players will obtain by completing cryptic challenges and quests. We can expect more info regarding these items in the foreseeable future, so stay tuned!