Yesterday, the Endless team shared some exciting news with their community. The growing blockchain gambling platform has, aside from announcing their new game, also unveiled that Endless Game will be one of the first Dapps to run on the IOST blockchain.

Launching on the IOST Blockchain

Over the past couple of months, Endless Game has been participating in the IOST nodes election. Specifically, Endless has been competing with hundreds of DApps for the exclusive right to run their platform on the IOST blockchain.  Endless has received more than 15 million votes from users worldwide, which earned them the right to officially migrate onto the IOST mainnet.

Endless players who cast their votes during the election process had, aside from helping the Endless platform earn their place on the IOST blockchain, also earned a share of the 5,000,000 IOST air grab campaign. Endless will distribute the tokens next week, allowing players to use their tokens once Endless launches on the IOST mainnet. According to the IOST official blog, the company plans to launch its mainnet on February 25th.

Endless Introduces Their New Game

While making all necessary preparations for the upcoming IOST mainnet launch, Endless has been developing their latest game; Poseidon's Challenges. Though still in development, Endless has revealed some important information regarding the game:

  • Poseidon's Challenges will feature elements of traditional fish hunting games
  • Players will no longer have to stake CPU to play the game, which is a problem that often bugs EOS games. Instead, Endless will ensure that all players receive enough CPU to play the game without CPU-related performance issues
  • The game is promised to be both graphically appealing and entertaining, featuring multiple ways to catch fishes
  • The game will be provably fair, allowing players to verify all game results on the blockchain

Game Testing And Launch

Since the game is still in development (set to launch by the end of March), Endless is calling upon all interested users to join the development process.

You can use Endless Token to play any Endless game

Specifically, gamers can join the Endless voluntary test program and play the game. This will not only allow gamers to get a glimpse of what the game would look like, but would also help Endless to polish the game.

To apply for the test program, you must contact the Endless community moderator via their official Discord or Telegram groups. Aside from Poseidon Challenges, Endless also plans to launch their first RPG game, Endless Arena, by the end of this quarter.