Blockchain Cuties Universe is always expanding. The BCU team recently added new badges and rewards to incentivize their players even more. Also, you can now start buying CUTE tokens with cash. Read below to find out all about it!

The Achievement Update

Prior to the release of this latest update, BCU ignored three races of Cuties; foxes, pigs, and hedgehogs. Thankfully, the long-awaited Achievement update fixes these issues by creating new achievements for all 3 races.

Effectively, Cutieneers can now complete Fox, Pig, and Hedgehog achievements to earn their badges and rewards. The reward you achieve is CUTE tokens. For example, if you complete the "Pig Hunter" achievement, which requires that you win against 100 pigs with a non-pig cutie, you get 200 CUTE.

Complete the hardest achievements to get the best rewards

Obviously, completing the last achievement will give you the best rewards. It's also the most difficult one, asking you to win against 10,000 Cuties with a different race of cutie. For this, you get 2,500 CUTE tokens. Cute, right?

Buying CUTE With Fiat

CUTE tokens are still a mystery for some Cutieneers, probably because of the fact that these tokens have limited usability. But if you kept an eye on what the BCU team has been doing over the past couple of months, you'd notice that CUTE tokens are gradually getting more and more attention.

The latest change related to CUTE is the ability to purchase them with fiat. This comes after the BCU's partnership with CardPlay, a financial service provider that provides financial solutions to numerous companies.

CardPay enables you to buy CUTE with fiat

How To Purchase More CUTE?

To purchase more CUTE follow these instructions:

1. Click on the CUTE icon (it's right next to the notification bell)

2. Then, select your desired CUTE amount and the currency you want to buy it with

3. When you click on "Buy", you'll be asked to enter your card information

4. Click "Pay" to confirm your transaction

And that's it! For now, you can use CUTE to purchase Cuties on the BCU marketplace. However, the BCU team will gradually expand the usability of CUTE. But once the Cutieland update arrives, CUTE tokens will play a much bigger role in the grand scheme of things.

Enter your card information and click “Pay”

It short, you'll use CUTE tokens to build your empire, purchase resources, make trades, buy items, and so much more. It's therefore advisable to start accumulating CUTE while the demand is low. If you're still not collecting Cuties and CUTE tokens, join the Blockchain Cuties Universe via our DGaming Store.